Who is Adam Oster and why am I here?

We’re getting rather existential so early on in this relationship, aren’t we?

Adam Oster is an up and coming adventure novelist writing books works which thrill readers of all ages.

That’s a little trite, isn’t it?

Adam Oster is an indie author.  An indie author is an author who is independent from the traditional publishing system, meaning he doesn’t have a publisher, agent, or publicist backing him.  He is, oftentimes, on his own.  If you can compare the publishing industry to the world of business, Adam Oster is the Mom and Pop store of authors.

As far as why you’re here, well, you were either trying to work your way to learn about the possibly fascinating show called Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? or you learned about Adam through a number of possible scenarios and wound up here.  I really don’t know.  Hit the back button on your web browser and you might figure out how it happened.

However it happened, you’re here and you’ve found yourself in the number one place to keep up with Adam and his books.  And there are far worse places on the internet than that.

Since you’re here, check out the rest of the site. There’s plenty of stuff to keep you occupied, just a menu click away.  Here’s a few such options: a list of Adam’s books, the blog, a love letter to Adam’s cover designer, or even to sign up for a mailing list to hear about new releases.


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