Hey look!  You found the site of the author of all sorts of things, like adventure novels, murder mysteries, and even the occasional movie: Adam Oster!

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Unfortunately at the moment this site is in a bit of a redesign.  Fortunately, that means that Adam is working on filling it up with piles upon piles of solid content, including the ability to read all of his books right here on this very site.  Go ahead and poke around (the site, not the author) and see what you can find.  

What else do you want out of a welcome page?  A cookie?  I think there’s a privacy policy button down there somewhere that talks about what this site does with cookies, so, go ahead and check that out, I suppose.

That’s really all there is to it.  Welcome, enjoy the cookies now hiding somewhere on your computer, find random things to read about.  And please forgive the dust as we work on revamping the place.  New content will be added soon and regularly.

In fact, we just added the entirety of The Legend of Buddy Hero and Rise of the Fat Mogul, first and second books of The Defenders Saga!

Read the whole darned things right here and here.


And have fun out there!