Chapter 15: Stop or my Character will Shoot

Adam raised his hands to the air. “Whoa!  I’m helping, I promise.  Just tell me what to do.” “I think the better question is, what can you do?  You and this Badger fella seem to have all sorts of powers.” “Well, yeah, that’s what I thought, until you shot him dead.” “I’m okay,” The BadgerContinue reading “Chapter 15: Stop or my Character will Shoot”

Chapter 14: Danger Isn’t a Middle Name

“You were expecting me?” Jessica asked, her eyes never leaving the giant beasts overhead. “Adam, meet Jessica Trelawnty, the self-proclaimed number one expert in all things paranormal,” The Badger declared with his hands importantly placed upon his hips. “And you know you I am?” Jessica’s attention turned toward the men at this realization.  “No oneContinue reading “Chapter 14: Danger Isn’t a Middle Name”