Chapter 12: Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, across town, Frank was only beginning his day. A day he dreaded dearly. Today was the day he was to finally tell his boss how he had begun to seek employment elsewhere.

He struggled with this because actually liked his boss. Yet, he knew his current occupational situation didn’t offer much in the way of growth and he was simply too young to find himself stuck within the same position for the next twenty years.

These thoughts ran across his mind as he stepped into the shower and under the hot curtain of water.

After a few minutes of reflection as his body warmed to the idea of being awake, Frank noticed he was out of soap, something he had noticed yesterday as he watched the last remnants of the old bar of soap wash down the drain, but something he had not done anything about.



“Please place order for immediate soap delivery.”

“Please designate form of payment.”

“Cash, duh.”

“Insufficient funds.”

“Insufficient funds.  For a bar of soap?  How much does that cost?”

“For immediate drone delivery, $20.00.  Current bank balance is $11.28”

“How much for normal delivery?”

“4.29, tax included.”

“How the hell does it cost more to have a damned drone come out than it does for a guy in a big old truck to drive all the way out here with gas and everything?”

“As you may be aware, when drone delivery first arrived, there was great concern over the millions of jobs which could be lost to the technology and therefore a convenience fee was developed to ensure–“

“It was a damned rhetorical question, Googlexa.  Update your programming logic to include asking me if I want an explanation before explaining crap to me in the future.”

“Programming updated.”

“And get me some damned soap.”

“Traditional delivery, sir?”

“How bad do I smell?”

“Initiating odor density detection scan.  My sensors have determined that you currently are infested with a high density of unpleasant odor particles.”

“Fine, immediate delivery, please.”

“Shall I contact the appropriate payday lenders to pay for this purchase.”

“Yeah, how long till the soap gets here.”

“Ten minutes.  Shall I assume you will forego current water use restrictions and continue your shower until the product arrives?”

“Yeah.  And make sure the drone comes to the bathroom window.  Don’t want to have to get out just because the damned robot wants to drop things off at the front door.”

“As you wish.”

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Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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