Chapter 9: So…what now?

There he sat, that lonely man, all alone, with a drink in his hand.

He hadn’t always been alone, he thought with a grimace.  He had once had friends, a wife, and a purpose.  But he had gambled it away, one day, without abandon, by telling a friend a secret obsession.

The man, you see, was a lover of —

“What the hell,” A-dumb shouted.  “Why in the world did you put this stupid drink in my hand?”  He took a deep swig of the brown liquor as he continued driving down the long road.

“I haven’t the tiniest clue of what you are talking about,” The tall, muscular man known only as The Badger  said from the passenger seat of the Mustang.

“You know what–Wait, where did you get–nevermind.  You know what, I’m taking this whole thing back over, okay.  I’m sick of what you’ve done with this story, I’m tired of thinking that I’ve lost control, I’ve–”

A-dumb swerved uncontrollably off the side of the road, sending the car plummeting down into the deep ravine.

“Goddammit!” Adam shouted at the torso of a man in the seat next to him as he expertly twisted the car in the mid-air and caused it to land right-side up on the ground below.  Even he was somewhat amazed at how spectacularly the shocks of the vehicle held up.  Unfortunately for his passenger, however, who had not been wearing his seat belt and was thrown into the air, clear from the–

“Okay, this is just getting ridiculous,” The still perfectly seated and awesome Badger said as the car came to a quick stop.  “Either you let me take control of this story or–”

“Or what?  This is my story and you’re the one who has been hijacking it.  Why can’t I just take control like I’m supposed to?”

“You know what?” The Badger said, ever the more adult person in any given room.  “You’re right.  This is your story.  Your story that you couldn’t keep a single bit of control over and is now spiraling into just a ridiculous piece of dialogue between you and yourself.”

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me.  This is yet another sign of your insanity.  Another sign that you don’t stand a chance of keeping it together in this world.  That’s why you write, after all, to keep the voices at bay.”

“Who told you that?”

The Badger looks at him with one of those knowing grins that makes you think to yourself about how ridiculous of a question you may have just asked, even though the question really wasn’t that ridiculous at the time, but in hindsight, probably was easy to answer without any words being said.

“God, you’re insufferable,” A-dumb pouted.

The Badger again gave him one of those looks that–

“Nope,” Adam growled.  “No more.  You’re done derailing this whole thing.  I’m in charge now.”

“That’s cute,” The Badger smirked.

Published by Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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