Chapter 8: Who the %$!# is this?

The Badger's eyes opened once again and he exclaimed, "What?" "Oh, good, you're not dead," the mysterious and unwanted man replied. "Can you tell me what's going on here? I was working on this mind-bending pseudo-horror novella about a woman who was captured and --" "No." The Badger stood. He was strong, not really injured … Continue reading Chapter 8: Who the %$!# is this?


Chapter 7: The Badger

The discussion with the Titan Defense Committee was fast and furious, but mostly ceremonial. The Badger knew what to do. He had always known what to do. Because, you see, he had met the Titans once before. And as far as he was aware, he was the only person on this planet who had been … Continue reading Chapter 7: The Badger

Chapter 6: New Debbie – Part II

The teachers looked on in surprise, although I definitely wasn't surprised because as always this narrative just took the most predictable turn. I mean, can you seriously expect any reader to just be like "oh, wow, she was really the woman in the room and now she's all confused about who she was" and care … Continue reading Chapter 6: New Debbie – Part II