Chapter 4: The Room – Part IV

Debbie grinned and looked down at the floor. The voice inside her head kept screaming at her to ask him out, but Debbie just couldn’t do it. The voice always seemed to know the right thing to do, but all Debbie could think about is what would happen if Chet said no.

Debbie look up at Chet, but his friends called his name at the same time and his attention was turned. He muttered something which might have been goodbye before running off to join them.

Debbie frowned.

The voice was probably right, but the risks were simply too high. Besides, she was the girl, the girl couldn’t ask the boy out. Maybe if they were super old, like thirty or something, but in the fifth grade?

Blah blah blah.

Yeah, yeah, we get it already. The Jane woman was the conscience all along, right? Or is there some deeper meaning to the whole thing? Or maybe she really was trapped in some room where she didn’t need to eat or poop. Or maybe this was all some dream which really reflected on the feeling of being trapped within one’s own body? Oh, no, I know, Jane was seriously mentally ill and this was all just her perception of reality.

Or I guess they could have all been living in a snow globe…for some reason.



Seriously, where does this crap come from? It’s like Adam has completely given up and is just writing whatever drivel comes to mind at the moment.

Do you even care about this story?

No, seriously, I’m asking you.

Fine, whatever, I know, reading is all quiet time and whatever else, so why would you possi–

What was that?

No? Nothing?


Okay, so, we got all that crap out of the way already, right? Let’s try and see if we can’t redirect this train somehow? Maybe if we just give a slight little nudge, we can make this story into something people will really care about.

It’s not like this Adam guy is paying attention anyway, right?

At just that moment, Debbie felt a pain like she had never felt before. A strong tearing feeling from deep down inside her. She cried out in agony, causing her friends and teachers to turn and stare at her as she fell to the ground.

One of the teachers, Mr. Harrison, rushed immediately to Debbie’s side and was caught off guard by the visible pulsing occurring on her forehead.

He yelled for help and three more teachers joined him as another ran off to call for the paramedics.

“What do we do?” Mr. Harrison asked Mrs. Garrett. “What would even–“

With another loud scream, Debbie burst open like a New Year’s party popper. And as the pieces of her splattered all around, it was immediately apparent that Debbie was gone.

And in her place was a woman. A thirty-something, completely naked, woman.

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