Chapter 2: The Room – Part II

Jane stares at the video in front of her in confusion. To her, it appears to be a real-time video feed from the point of view of a baby.  Unfortunately for her, this means that a majority of the film is either darkness, due to the child’s sleeping, or random blurry visuals combined with ear-piercing screams.

Jane finds that she doesn’t mind the screaming much.  It’s almost as though the child were joining her in her cries for help, even if the sound from the film is much more likely to be drowning out the sound of Jane’s screams.

Time has lost all meaning to Jane now. The baby seems to sleep nearly as often as Jane finds herself passed out from a long period of screaming. And as soon as Jane begins screaming again, the child itself starts up. Jane questions whether the child can somehow hear her.

Some days, when Jane has found herself incapable of screaming any longer, she takes to looking for a way out of the room. She walks along the walls, pounding and kicking at them and the floor, hoping for some sign of weakness which could allow her escape.

She finds nothing.

As time goes on, the pictures on the screen gain additional focus. Jane finds herself staring at the smiling face of the baby’s mother as she looks down at the camera. Something about the soft smile on her face comforts Jane.  When that mother coos at her and says everything is going to be okay, Jane finds herself believing it.

The parents of this child seem to be very concerned with how often it has been screaming. Each time Jane and the child start up again, the mother and the father check in on it with growing frustration. Jane watches on as they take the child in to a doctor to ensure there isn’t something physically wrong with it.

Jane begins to wonder how much control she may have over the child. And more importantly, whether or not this is actually happening. Perhaps, she thinks, she can use this odd connection to help her out of her current situation.

Something about this whole situation doesn’t quite add up. Even beyond the fact that the baby seems to respond to her emotions and actions. Even past how this room seemingly has no exit, or that Jane doesn’t remember anything prior to the moment she ended up in it.

For one thing, Jane hasn’t eaten or drank anything since she arrived here.

Published by Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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