Fat Mogul vs. The Extreme Exhaustion of Existence

In case I haven’t made it completely clear, the past six months of my life have been incredibly busy.  Between the new house/farm and all the tasks that come along with that, the new job, three kids, vacationing, visiting family members and all those millions of other things which just seem to happen during the summer months, not to mention, you know, just being an adult…well, I’ve found myself a busy man.

And then I’ve also had the pleasure of additional tasks, like building a playhouse, a vacation which took us all across the southeastern United States, house warming parties, destroying a building, and those 3 hours a week of lawn mowing, not to mention trying to catch up on my television shows…

Well, let’s just say, I’m tired.

Not just tired, I’m downright beat.

And so I sat here for an hour, trying to come up with something to write about between the distractions of facebook and the news and whatever else I could find to click on on my computer, and, well, the only thing I could come up with to talk to you about is just how darned tired I am.

Heck, every time I sit down to write, whether it’s for the blog or for my books or whatever else I may be writing about, my first topic I want to mention is just that I’m tired.

It’s a good tired, but tired all the same.

So, here’s where I tell you that I’m making a change which will fix this.

Well, it’s where I should tell you, but honestly, for the first time in my entire life, I find myself excited for winter.  Completely and utterly prepared for those months here in Wisconsin where it is downright dangerous to even step outside the door for fear of freezing your unmentionables off.

I’m ready.

Because then, maybe, I’ll just possibly find myself a little bit of time to rest.

But for now, I’ve got a chicken shed to finish tearing apart.

Have fun out there!


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