Fat Mogul vs. 2017 (Summer Edition)

It seems like this is just the year that keeps pushing and pushing and pushing to keep me working hard.

Which means I’m here to give yet another update on the thoughts of this year so far.

Most importantly…I just got back from vacation, and boy are my arms tired (wait, what?).  Actually, no, my entire body is tired.  The past couple months have involved tearing down a chicken shed, planting, weeding and ultimately giving up on a garden, building a playhouse, hosting countless houseguests, and, well, you know, just life stuff.  But then this past month has taken a deeper turn.  We had a house full of kids, followed by a trip across the country for two weeks, which, upon our return, meant another house guest…and this coming weekend will be the culmination of everything (or at least I’m finding I really truly hope it is) where we finally have our housewarming party.

So, yeah, I’m tired.  I’m not complaining, but I’m definitely tired.

But what does that have to do with anything you all may care about.

Well, a couple of things.

First…although I did some amazing kicking of the butts on Agora Files III at the beginning of this spring, writing has all but stalled over the course of these past couple months.  I’m hoping to get back on it in the next week or so, as I have some incredible plans for it and am mighty excited about finally finishing this tall tale I began over five years ago.  But, life, as too often happens in the realm of a part-time author, has just gotten to far in the way.

The same can be said for my novel I’ve been releasing on here, Jack to the Future.  I have high hopes to begin releasing new chapters this week already, but it has certainly been stalled.

However, what I’m most excited about it how many stories I’ve been inspired to write over the past couple months, stories which I’m finding incredibly difficult not to drop everything else I’m writing and begin now.  One was inspired by the film in the French pavilion in Epcot (although I think most would be hard pressed to see the inspiration), one was inspired by a series of events which occurred in the middle of nowhere South Carolina when our car broke down, and one was inspired simply by living the country life I’m trying to live right now.

Point being, 2017 hasn’t been great for actually getting words on the page (neither was 2016…), but I’ve got a whole host of ideas, and the lack of new books has nothing to do with a lack of trying, just a lack of time.  Which is a situation I intend to rectify as soon as possible.

So, of course, this is just yet another message to say I haven’t been doing the thing you all expect me to be doing, but hope to get back to it soon.  I have even scheduled myself some time to plow through some pages of Agora III this week.  Let’s just hope another part of my life doesn’t explode causing me to have to reschedule.

But for now…have fun out there!


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