Jack to the Future: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

When in the 19th Century…

“Hey, hey, hey,” Jack yelled as he ran around the vehicle to his brother’s side.  “I don’t know what you guys think Wade did, but I promise you’ve got the wrong guy.”

“Can’t imagine as much as we did,” the tall man on the right of Wade said.  He wore a dusty brown three piece suit with a red shirt which was covered in the stains of chewing tobacco spit.  The brown stains made lines all along the front of his attire.  He wore dark pants, which he tucked into his boots, and a stovepipe hat.

“Nope,” said the shorter, thinner man who wore a similar outfit, but in black except for the red shirt, “The Butcher said we’d find us Wade Skeeler coming on through right here at right this time riding up in some sort of fancy covered wagon with no horses attached.  Sounds to me like we got the right guy.”

“Besides,” the tall man said, “he looks just like this here picture.”  He held up a wanted poster with Wade’s face on it.  Jack had to admit it was a rather fair likeness.

“What in the hell did you do, Wade?” Jack screamed at his brother.

“I’m thinking I haven’t done it yet,” Wade answered.  “But whatever it’s going to be, it sure seems like it’s already pissed a whole bunch of people off.  But, can I take one second,” Wade said as he pushed down the guns which were still pointed at his head, “to point out that we totally freakin’ traveled through time?”

“Holy crap,” Jack replied.  “You’re right.  We totally did travel through time.”

Jack and Wade both looked around them to see that they were standing in the middle of a large hilled pasture.  A herd of cows grazed off in the distance.

“Wait a second, where in the world did we go, though?”

“Um, this is still New Jersey, right?” Wade asked the two men.

“Yes,” the shorter man said, “The Butcher said you may also be interested to know that it is October 23rd, 1851.”

“The Butcher seems like a mighty smart guy,” Wade replied.  “So, should we drive, or you?”

“I don’t think we would all fit inside the DeLorean,” Jack answered.

“That’s true, but we don’t really want to leave it around here, do we?”

“It’s not like anyone is going to know how to drive it,” Jack debated.

“True again, but we don’t even know where we’re going.”

“We’s headin’ to da Bowery,” the taller man said.  “And The Butcher said you was more than welcome to bring along your wagon.  He figured you wouldn’t really want to run until you got back what he has of yours.”

“Oh,” Jack said in surprise.  “Um, what does he have?”

“He said you might ask that as well, and then he told us to tell you that it’s, what was the word again, Butch?” the tall man asked the short man.

“Doubleganger,” Butch answered.

“You don’t mean doppelganger, do you?” Jack asked.

“There you go!” Butch smiled.  “Doppelganger.  I knew it was one of those German words.  You know how to get to The Bowery?”

“Yeah,” Wade answered.  “There used to be a guy who threw parties down in the unused section of tunnel over there.  I think I can figure it out.”

“Good to hear it,” the tall man smiled.  “And please don’t make The Butcher wait.  He gets mighty mad when he’s left to waiting.”

“I think you’ll find that we can get there faster than you could imagine,” Wade grinned as he walked to the car.

The two men walked off and stood against a nearby building as though they were waiting for someone else to drop by in a similar manner as Jack and Wade had.    Wade entered the car and after a brief moment of consideration, so did Jack.

“Alright, let’s head home,” Jack said firmly.

“What?” Wade answered.

“You heard me, let’s go home.  They don’t need us, let’s get out of here.”

“You do realize that those ‘doppelgangers’ are us, right?  Like, from the future, come to the past, and somehow getting us into this whole mess in the first place.”

“Actually, no, I hadn’t considered that.”

“Right,” Wade grinned again, “so, that means we have to go see The Butcher because if we don’t, our future selves will be sitting here waiting for us to come save us, but we’ll have decided to—“

“I get it,” Jack cut Wade off.  “Let’s just go see what this Butcher guy is all about.  I can’t say I’m too excited about meeting a guy who calls himself that.”

“I’m actually incredibly excited about it.  Maybe I need to come up with a cool name for myself as well.”


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