Fat Mogul vs. This Guy

That’s right, I’m going right out and calling out this guy.  The guy in the picture.  The guy this article is written about.  In case you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to click links even long enough to read headlines, this guy, whose name is Jeff (or Jerf, am I right, Titus?)

has managed to go to Disneyland for 2,000 days straight.

That’s some impressive dedication.  If he’s to be believed, there were no sick days, no “I’m too tired to ride the tea cups” days, and absolutely no days in which he just couldn’t stand to hear the Mickey Mouse Club song anymore.

And, just like Monday’s post, I’m incredibly jealous.

I mean, I’ve only been to Disneyland once (this past October)…sure, I may have made numerous pilgrimages to the other American parks, including one this past March and one coming up in August, but 2,000 days straight?  That’s absolutely ridiculous.

If you don’t like math, which, let’s be honest, who does, that’s nearly five and a half years of crossing the turnstiles.  And sure, he obviously had annual passes for those years, but there are still dates those passes don’t work, which mean he’s been forking over the cash daily to the Mouse.  And he started this routine when he was unemployed.

Jealous isn’t even the right word for how I feel. I’m amazed.  I’m speechless (although I appear to be doing just fine in finding plenty to say).  I’m downright proud.

But mostly…I’m jealous.

I remember reading a while back about a guy who had ridden Expedition Everest (a Disney World roller coaster) nearly 4,000 times.  That was also impressive, but not nearly as impressive to this man’s dedication to a themed amusement park.

Well, actually…I have no clue how frequent the Everest guy’s visits were.

Okay, to be real here…I’m just amazed that these people have the time.

I mean, even if I were to live within a couple minutes of either of these world renowned tourist traps which I love so dearly, there’s simply no way I would be able to put in that kind of dedication.  Or money.

The money…Like seriously, where does the money come from?  Jerf was unemployed when he started his process back in 2012.  Now, if he went for the full on annual pass which has no blockout dates, meaning he would be able to go whenever the heck he wanted, that was $650 (today it costs over $1000).  That alone is a huge drop in the bucket when you don’t have a job.

But it’s not impossible.  And there’s definitely a possibility he had the pass before he stopped being employed.  Yet there’s still so much to consider.  Food isn’t cheap there…well, you could bring in your own food, I suppose, which would make that less of an issue.  And he wouldn’t have to stay there during meal times if it’s a daily pilgrimage…But drinks, you have to drink on those hot Los Angeles days…although you can get water free…

But the gas to get there every day.  It says he lives in Huntington Beach, which is over 20 miles each way!  In LA traffic, nonetheless!  Of course, there is the public transit system which will get him pretty much directly from point a to point b, which isn’t that pricey, and, I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing there’s some sort of frequent flyer program in place for that as well…


Okay, actually, I’m coming up with a loss of ways in which his idea isn’t amazing.  Even at the current cost of $1049 a year, that works out to about $3 a day.  $3 a day for entertainment is less than most people pay for cable…and he’s getting to hobknob with folks like The Mad Hatter and Alice.

I’m beginning to think this guy might be the smartest man I’ve ever met.  He’s beat the system.

I guess I have to move closer to Anaheim now…



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