Father’s Day Sale!

Hey folks, I’ve been told this weekend is Father’s Day.  And what better way to celebrate the day made just for me than to put all my books up for completely free for the entire weekend.

That’s right, today through Monday, you can get each and every one of my books for free.

Got a father on your list who needs to just sit back and enjoy a read on his favorite ereader?  Guess what books go best with sitting in a hammock drinking a cold beer on a hot day!

That’s right, the wonderful adventure novels by yours truly.

And there’s a little secret I should share with you…They’re not just great for dads.  Everyone can enjoy.  And everyone should.

Go get them now!

Just a quick note, this link will take you to my Amazon page which shows all books I’m listed as an author on.  Due to the nature of the anthology series I have contributed to, those are not currently free.  But everything else, go wild!



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