Jack to the Future – Introduction

After releasing the first chapter of Jack to the Future online, I realized I should probably include some sort of introduction on here about this new project.

Jack to the Future is a silly little story I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while, but it was one I really just didn’t think would work in a true novel format.  It’s goofy, it probably deals with some severe copyright infringement, and, ultimately, it’s just really goofy.

Which is why this story will be completely released, as I write it, here on the blog.  My intention is to release a new chapter weekly.

Of course, when releasing a book as its being written, there will be changes occurring to previous bits as I realize something which may have been missed.  My intention is to keep these to a minimum, utilizing the story as is in order to keep from requiring people to read back to see what may have been changed as time goes on.

I say that, but then at the same time, shortly after releasing the first chapter, I realized I completely missed the very important hook which was intended to complete the chapter.  Where the chapter as published ended with just having Jack standing on his porch attempting to figure out where the time had gone, here is the additional tag which was supposed to be there, and really wouldn’t fit within the confines of the second chapter.  It’s been updated in the original post, but for those who may have already read it, I’ll duplicate it here:

A loud roaring sounded from the end of the street.  Jack looked toward the source and saw a vehicle barreling down the road in his direction.

It stopped in front of his house and the driver’s side door opened, but when it opened, the door went up instead of out.  And out of it stepped Wade, with an enormous grin on his face.

“Jack, you’ve got to come back with me!” Wade shouts as he runs from the DeLorean to his brother’s side.


“Back to the butcher!”

As is obvious even from this brief selection, this is not my most refined or sophisticated work.  But I think, should you decide to come along for the ride, you should have a truly spectacular time.

Also, since I’m writing this as I’m publishing it, there are certain to be editorial errors.  I’ll clean them up as I find them when going back through things, but if you ever want to feel like a smarty pants, go ahead and call me on them.  I’ll totally appreciate it 🙂




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