Fiction Friday: A Man’s Day

Harold Jenkins smiled to himself as he considered what the day had in store for him.  Today was the final day of camp for the kids, and his wife was out for the weekend and wouldn’t return until this evening, which meant it was just him, a sunny day, and a fridge full of beer.

He rolled over and looked at the clock.

7:00 AM.

Although he had hoped to sleep in longer, it was still an hour later than usual.  And it also meant that he might have some time to head down to the creek to try to catch some fish.  You know, if he could fit it into his busy schedule, he joked to himself.

He climbed out of bed and after a brief pit stop in the bathroom, he walked to the kitchen and brewed some coffee.  While the coffee dripped into the pot, he fried himself three eggs with a side of bacon.

As he sat down to eat, he saw, through the window, that the grass was in dire need of being cut.  No matter, he thought.  I’ll take care of that right away this morning.  I knew i woke up early for some reason.

After breakfast, and while cutting the grass, he noticed the tires on the lawn mower were wobbling.  After finishing the chore, he took the mower to the garage and took off all the bolts, replaced them with shiny new ones, and tightened everything up.  But while he was down there, he couldn’t help but realize the blade had gone quite dull and was full of chips.

That’s a quick fix, Harold thought, even if I have to drive into town.

And so he did, and was back, and as quick as that, the blade had been replaced.

And Harold smiled.

He looked at his watch.

1:00 PM.

Wow, he mused, the morning has just flown by, hasn’t it?  I should make some lunch.

And he headed back indoors to fix himself a sandwich.  As the sandwich was complete, he went outside to enjoy the small meal in the hammock.  As the swinging seat swing, he heard a squeak in the metal chain.

Some oil will fix that up quick, he laughed.  He finished his sandwich and sprayed oil on the chain and tested it out.  The squeak was gone.

He stayed in the hammock, staring at the blue sky above him.  You know what would make this even better, he thought.  A beer.

And so Harold went inside and grabbed a beer from the refrigerator.  But then he noticed the fridge wasn’t working.  He opened the freezer and saw a puddle pooling directly beneath the fish sticks.

Crap, he cursed.  I guess the beer will have to wait.

He pulled the fridge from the wall and looked and saw that it was definitely plugged in.  He pushed the fridge back and opened it again, noting how the light was off, which he thought must be a good sign, but he couldn’t say for sure why.

I mean, it means that the issue isn’t with whatever’s cooling it, right? he considered.

He looked around for some sign that the fridge was getting power, but couldn’t find any.  He went to his computer and searched for common issues with this appliance which might lead to such a system failure.  And came across how there was a cord beneath the large device which sometimes shorts out.

So he took everything out of the fridge, pulled it away from the wall yet again, and managed to slowly tip it to its side.  He looked for the wire, found it, but couldn’t find anything to say that it was broken.

He decided the lighting wasn’t strong enough with only the light from the window and went to turn on the kitchen lights, only to find they weren’t turning on as well.

He smirked to himself in frustration.

I’ll bet it’s just a fuse, he said and went downstairs to check.

Indeed, a circuit had tripped.  He flipped it heard a click.  He ran upstairs to see the lights on the fridge had turned on, as well as the lights above him.

With a great deal of effort, he righted the refrigerator, pushed it back against the wall, and refilled it with all of the goods it had held earlier.  And then the lights went out again.

Really? Harold frowned.  What’s causing the breaker to trip?

He looked around the room and saw the iron still out from the previous night.  He had decided to iron his shirts for the coming week last night so he could focus on his day off today.  The red indicator light wasn’t on, but then Harold remembered the circuit had tripped.  He checked and it was, indeed, still plugged in.

I’ll bet it trips the breaker whenever the fridge is cooling and the iron is heating up at the same time, he concluded.  These stupid old irons are terrible.  I should really get a new one.

He unplugged the iron and put it away, ran back downstairs to flip the circuit, and went outside, beer in hand, to finally rest in the hammock.

As he settled in, he heard a car coming down the driveway.

He glanced, and saw his wife, and kids, jumping out of the vehicle to come and greet him.

“How was your day off?” his wife asked.


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