Fat Mogul vs. Respect

Today’s post is going to be mighty short, because although I attempted a long diatribe at this topic, in the end, I realized I just can’t do it justice…

So, instead, I’m going to keep to a very simple point.

Be respectful.

Like…seriously, just be freaking respectful.

I’m feeling done with labeling people as racist or sexist or bigots, because maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture with particular situations which come up in my life and in the world news.  But I can say, flat out, that these situations are ones where people are flat out disrespecting other people.

And it has to stop.

So, if you’re treating a person as less than you: Stop it.  I don’t care if it’s because you think they’re different because of their genitals, their skin color, or even just because of how much they’ve had to drink, stop it.

No matter who they are, they deserve to be treated like a person.


More than love sweet love, this is what the world needs now.

Respect that people are different than you, that they see the world differently than you, that they come from a different background from you, and, most importantly, respect that you, yes you, do not know absolutely everything about everyone and when you put your prejudices or preconceptions or even first impressions into how you interact with someone else, you are being an a$$hole.  And you need to stop.

If you choose to treat someone poorly, talk down to them, act out against them, or just plain act like a jerk to someone, maybe consider taking a breath, realize that they too have their own lives going on that you know absolutely nothing about, and treat them like a freaking person who deserves respect.

Because, in the end, all people deserve respect.

Even a$$holes.

Well…to some extent anyways.

I mean, there does come a point where a disrespectful person just needs to be put down.  But that’s where we could all just take a moment, reflect on the situation briefly, and respond logically and respectfully.  Because even a$$holes have lives we know nothing about.

Bottom line: let’s all just take a moment to reflect on ourselves and how we could be more responsible for how we treat others.  And maybe, just maybe, put a little effort into making our fellow man and woman feel like they too are a person.

That is all.


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