Fat Mogul vs. Agora Files Part III

As we speak, I’m hard at work putting the words to paper on Agora Files Part III, and each and every step along the way I get further and further excited for releasing this book.  When I began plotting out the first book, I really thought I could complete the story in one simple action-packed title.  As the story progressed, I quickly learned there was way too much to tell in one book.

But I was certain I could get it all packed into the second book.  Like, really really certain.

And then when I began plotting out book 2 in the series, I quickly learned how wrong I was.

Of course, after finishing it, and considering what all had to happen next, I was concerned that there just might not be quite enough to tell in a third book.  There was a lot to wrap up yet, but, well, I just felt that maybe the third book would be lacking somehow, especially if I ended up having to pad with filler, which is very much against the idea of the series.

Now that I’m in the thick of writing, nearing that 20,000 word goal (which puts me around a quarter of the way done with the first draft), I’m realizing that I shouldn’t have been concerned.  While I don’t have any fears that this series will require another book to conclude everything, I do have the issue with determining how much depth to get into.  If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ve no doubt gathered that there is a deep and intricate political backdrop which revolves around our heroes.  A political backdrop which keeps getting further and further intricate as more pieces are revealed.

But, more importantly…there’s just the pure action which gets our heroes through all these pieces.

And that’s the part I’ve been enjoying writing.  As well as the part which, I believe, makes the series so beloved.

So, here’s the situation.  I’m nearly a quarter of the way through the book and it is completely action packed…but, of course, those answers still have to fit in there somewhere.  And I have the answers.  And I know how to fit them in…but every time I start cramming them into the crevices between the action, I get excited about a new piece of action.

Which means, this book is freaking filled to the brim with action.  Where you may have thought the first book left you breathless with how fast things moved, even when running across vast landscapes for miles and miles, book three puts that same action into the middle of an all out war.

And it’s so freaking awesome.

I honestly couldn’t have predicted how well this story would have come together.  I was nervous.  Book 2 slowed down from book 1 quite drastically.  Sure, there are some spectacular scenes, but it was much more focused on the characters and world building.  Which was a necessary palate cleanser after the non-stop action of book 1.  But book 3, I believe, will be the perfect blend of both, which is precisely what I had planned…and it’s exciting me how much those plans are coming to fruition.

So, long story short…I honestly believe Book 3 is everything you’ve been waiting for in the conclusion to this series.  It’s packed full of action, it’s giving those long-awaited answers, and most importantly, it’s got even more of those wild twists and turns the series has become known for, which should leave you at the end with a whole new look at the entire series itself.

And I’m so excited to get it done.

Which…I suppose…means I should probably get back to writing, huh?

Have fun out there!


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