Fat Mogul vs. Working the Land

Having gotten most of the boxes unpacked, my focus over the past week has turned toward getting control of our land.  Most of our 12.5 acres is currently unusable, taken over by a choked creek and the overgrown grass which is choking it.  Honestly, there’s not much I’m going to be able to do about that manually.  I’m planning on leaving that for the goats.

But, there’s still a few acres of land which I can tame.  Things like getting our garden together for the upcoming planting season is definitely within my wheelhouse…and where I’ve been spending my spare time.

Having grown up in an incredibly religious family, I find it hard to extract my daily thoughts from stories from the Bible.  As such, whenever I find myself working the land, I consider the efforts of Adam (the first man) after being ejected from the Garden of Eden.  His curse was that he was going to have to work the land.  That he would have to battle weeds, shovel the hard earth, and care tenderly for the plants which would become his food.

This was his curse.

This is my hobby.

After a long day sitting in front of a computer dealing with whatever first world corporate problems become a task of my employment, nothing feels better than to have a real task at hand, such as needing to put up a compost heap, build fencing for a garden, or even just hauling mounds and mounds of dirt across my yard to ensure everything has the nutrients it needs.  Meticulously planting seeds in my nursery (which is currently most of the first floor of my house) while reeking of chicken poop puts a smile on my face.

Because these are things which need to be done.  Yes, the tasks at work need to be done in order to make the business more profitable and, ultimately, so I can continue being employed and thereby be more profitable myself, but those manual labor tasks outside, they are ones producing food.  Something that is necessary.  And considering how much of our food comes from far away from here, producing more of it in my backyard means we’re relying less and less on people transporting our food from other countries and more on using the God-given super power every single yard has.  The power of life.

Working the land may take a great deal of effort.  It may cause for a handful of painkillers to make sure the sleep isn’t broken by an injured back.  It may mean I find myself picking off another handful of ticks as I work to destroy the long grass they love so much.  But it’s worth it when you see those little sprouts appear, showing that you have, indeed, followed along with the great ancestral right of all humans: to farm.

Of course…none of those sprouts have sprouted quite yet, so I could be speaking an incredibly different tone in a week when I’m sitting on hundreds of plants which just won’t germinate…but for now, my body is tired, but my mind is content.

And I still get to do some writing 🙂

Have fun out there!


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