Fat Mogul vs. Ticks

I honestly wish that this post would be about the types of ticks which yell “Spoon!” as they head into battle, but unfortunately, I’m talking about those little blood suckers that happen to become the bane of everyone’s existence in the midwest during the spring months.  Sure, they’re always around, and they aren’t relegated to just the Midwest, but it seems like that combination is when these little suckers are at their worst.

And, one thing which can make them incredibly bad is when you’ve got long grass.

Which I just so happen to be in the possession of great quantities of.

Just yesterday I pulled 5 ticks off me and spent the rest of the day twitching like I was certain I had them crawling all over my body (if there isn’t a psychological theory connected to what happens to your body after finding one creepy crawly on it, there really should be).

So, I spend some time looking into ways to decrease the tick population in our area, because, well, you know…ticks are the worst.  Not to mention that one of those five were of the super tiny deer tick variety, which are, of course, the ones which carry that terrible Lyme’s Disease, which is actually not the reason I hate finding ticks on my body, but really should be.

Turns out, there are some rather simple answers to the problem of how to decrease a tick population.  1. Get rid of long grass.

Well, that’s already on my bucket list.  But since most of our land is not able to be manicured by modern technology, it requires the use of old school methods (i.e. goats).

2. Bring in tick predators.  Guess what loves eating ticks?  Other than gorillas, of course.  Chickens!

Those two items up there, chickens and goats, just so happen to be top priorities for farm inhabitants, even before looking into tick remediation plans.

So, I guess that means we just need to get right down to building a chicken coop and mending some fences so we can bring these happy hungry animals out to work.

Of course…mending those fences will mean an awful lot more ticks to deal with…



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