Book Review: In the Springtime Everything is New All Over Again by Esmerelda Q. Jones

Short stories are an odd format to write in.  Due to the short length and often experimental nature of the format, readers generally fall, quite easily, into one of two categories for a given story.  They either get it, or they don’t.

Of course, while saying that, I realize that for this particular short story, I got it…but I wasn’t exactly sure if I cared.

Simply put, In the Springtime Everything is New All Over Again reads like an A.D.D. nightmare.  Jones gives us a glimpse into the mind of an author attempting to come up with their next story.  But about the only thing they seem to be certain of is that the main character will be named Carl (something I can stand behind, as it’s a name I often find myself immediately tossing on new characters before coming up with something more fitting).

While the concept is fun and certainly speaks to the author in me, the one thing I couldn’t quite get behind is how little I really cared about how the story was going to play out.  While well written and a fun concept, I just couldn’t get on board with the author’s constant jumping from idea to idea.  Perhaps it’s just my hyper-organized brain wanting to scream out to the author character that they should just calm the F down already instead of jumping on everything single thought which pops into their brain.

Or maybe it’s simply because it reminded me too much of where my brain goes before heading off to sleep, filled with the constant stream of thoughts of stories and characters, unable to latch on to a single one, and ultimately making rest much more difficult to come by.

Final thoughts: If you want a brief glimpse into the mind of an author, this story certainly does that well.  I have a feeling that my own personal aggravation with the protagonist in this tale is that I may have related with them a little too closely.

Buy it now!


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