Fat Mogul vs. Exhaustion

The past month has been quite wild around the Oster household.  As mentioned last week, we bought a farm pretty much immediately after I started up my new job.  This means  that the comfort which came from starting to work from home again, was joined with the absolute utter insanity which is trying to get a house ready to be moved and sold at the same time as adjusted to a new employer.

In other words, the past month has been quite literally exhausting.

But we’re seeing the light…at least for our current house.  We close on the new house soon and won’t be actually moving there until the kids get out of school, and our current house is about to go up on the market for sale, which means that we’re nearly done with all the major prep work so the pictures look amazing and will just be down to the complete deep cleaning necessary before each and every showing….so, you know…better.

What this means is that by the time I get into my bed every night, my body is quite thoroughly exhausted…but my brain is still awake…and I’ve been thinking up some brand new adventures I want to write about…although I’m looking toward possibly utilizing some different avenues for printing them.  One of which is to put a regular space on here for one of the stories, where it would work something like a serialized novel.

And so that’s the real reason I’m here today, folks.  Although I’m hard at work on Agora Files – Part III, and getting really excited about where this story is taking me (we’re already past the 10,000 word mark, meaning I’m approximately a seventh of the way through the first draft), I’m also looking at trying to get some new fiction into your hands more quickly.

So, what do you think?  Would you be interested in seeing an ongoing story published here on the site?  Maybe I should do it all old-school Choose Your Own Adventure style…that could be interesting 🙂

In short…I’m tired and don’t have much for real content for today, but wanted to keep a regular posting schedule going, so here’s my excuse for it:  a lame attempt at telling you about what I might be up to.

Have fun out there!


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