Fat Mogul vs. My Old Wife

Now, I don’t want to come off as being a jerk of a husband or anything, but my wife is old.

I mean, sure, she may be five years younger than me and everything, but, still…she’s old.

Look, here’s the thing…it’s her birthday today and everything, and I may have been too busy to plan any sort of crazy rager to celebrate how she’s now officially sitting in the ranks of the old people like you and me.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to acknowledge that she has, indeed, gotten older.

Like way old.

And so, because of her absolute and utter infatuation with the oddly popular ginger-headed man, I figured there was only one possible way to celebrate her special day…with this amazingly special video.

Now, if you want to help make her day special, I suggest you contact her in whatever way you know how and send her as much Ed Sheeran love as you possibly can.

And make sure to tell her you love her and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


On a more serious note, although she is, in fact, getting older, as we all do, I absolutely love my wife and how she’s still able to enjoy the world like a youngin’ by doing things like exploring the world with me and our kids, while also enjoying a good ol’ monkey pile now and again.

So, Happy Birthday, Gretchen!  Here’s to a billion more!



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