Fat Mogul vs. The Agora Files Soundtrack

One of the things people like to talk to me most about my books is the music inside the pages of The Agora Files.  I have one reader turned friend who likes to reference the earworms the book placed in her head throughout the book.

Those who read Part II definitely noticed the lack of music throughout.  As I’ve mentioned before, this was a necessary move for the purposes of the story, but all the same, disappointing.  Even to me.

A couple weeks ago I put the first words to electronic paper for Part III, but before I could do that, I decided to sit down and piece together a soundtrack for the book.  Tracks will change and more will be added as the series moves forward, but one of the most important things for me with this book was to not only bring back the music, but to make sure the emphasis was even more on the music, because of how heavily it will play into the theme of the entire series.

And while I was searching, my biggest focus was on what song I would most like to open with.  A big dilemma, obviously.  Whereas Part I could start out low key with something as simple as Low Rider, Book III needed to start out hard and fast and fun, while also matching the theme I was developing (a theme I’m not going to disclose,as it could tend to serve as something of a spoiler).

And then in my perusal of all songs ever, I happened upon one which just seeing the name for put a smile on my face and happy curse words of acknowledgement that there really was only one possible song with which to open this series.

And I’m so excited about it that I decided today was the day where I just needed to share it with you.

So, without further word making…the opening of Agora Files – Part III.  Enjoy the earworm


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