The Future of Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

This weekend marks the end of my Make 2017 Great Sale, where The Agora Files – Part II is still on sale for just 99 cents!

Although this is the week to focus on Agora Files – Part II, I’ll admit that I don’t have much more I can say about The Agora Files series at this point.

But I do have a lot to say about the future of my books.

As you might be aware, it’s been quite some time since I’ve released a new book.  The Agora Files – Part II was released in November of 2015.  Considering my aim has always been to release two books a year, and I missed all of 2016, it can be easy to see that I’ve fallen behind a bit.

And I’ll admit…I have.

The past two years have been one of some pretty big changes, meaning I’ve been a little behind on the writing, although not completely out of it.  I do still have two books which are basically complete, which just need a hefty helping of editing to get out the door, I’ve been developing three others which are nearing the point where I’m going to actually begin writing them.

And there are still stories which have been getting out there.  The Cake and Quill group have been hard at work releasing anthologies and we’ve got another one coming out in the next month which I’m ready to start promoting here as well, which features a story I’m quite happy with.

And there have been other things I’ve been working on, such as my early reader chapter book and my screen play for The Long Chron and…well, let’s just say I haven’t been completely unproductive, just haven’t been able to put in the time to do final edits on any of these things as of late.

But that’s changed in the past few months.  Since November I went through and did some hefty polishing edits on all of my released books, including some of the tricks of the trade I’ve learned since they were released which can make them stronger, while also cleaning up some things which shouldn’t have ever made it into final versions in the first place (something which happens to even the most revered of authors, I promise).

But looking forward, I’m ready to kick some butt on getting new material out to you, which I hope is obvious by the sudden spurt of new material here on the blog (which I don’t intend to stop just because this silly sale is over).  I’ve got a lot planned.  Making 2017 Great isn’t just about putting my books out for cheap, it’s about bringing the writing back, because 2016 was just too damned busy to get anything out.

So, look forward to the future.  I’ve got plenty planned for you all.

Have fun out there!


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