My Favorite Thing in Agora Files Part II

Hey, The Agora Files – Part II is still on sale for 99 cents!  Get it now!

I mentioned a few of the cool things you’ll find in the pages of Agora Files – Part II on Monday.  Things like skydiving and ziplining.

But what I didn’t mention is my absolute favorite thing in the entirety of the book. The power plant on Pirate Island.

You see, I’m a big fan of the concept of alternative power sources.  I’m also a big fan of conspiracy theories.  And one of my favorite conspiracy theories is that of the HAARP plants placed all across the globe.  Primarily, they’re big set ups of what basically looks like lightning rods, and there are a bunch of them.

The details behind what they are for are relatively minimal, unless you head out into conspiracy theory circles.  Then you’ll find all sorts of ideas of what they’re used for, the primary one being, weather control.

Folks like to think that these massive devices have been used to create storms like Hurricane Katrina, in order to…well, actually, the reasoning behind why anyone wants to do such things is relatively weak, but who cares?  Weather control, guys!

But what if they really are about controlling the weather, just in a local area.  What if they are used to create gigantic thunderstorms for the purposes of harnessing the energy which comes from lightning.

Okay, so, if you do even a modest amount of research on the subject, you’ll find that there have been plenty of groups which have attempted to harness the energy of lightning, and the failures are so widespread that all except the absolutely most optimistic consider it a lost cause.  The reasons are plentiful, but number one among them is just developing a method to process all of that sheer power in such a brief period of time.

It might be possible…we’re just not anywhere near that point yet.

All the same, I couldn’t help but have a little fun with the idea.  Solar panels and wind mills are cool and all, but how cool would it be to power your house with the power of lightning?  Just think of the branding opportunities.  At some point in that future we would have the battle between the Zeus Electric Corporation and the Thor Cooperative.

But terrible names I’ve developed off the top of my head aside, I really really really liked the idea of a lightning-powered power plant so much that when I developed it early on in the process for the first book, I spent every second looking for a moment to insert it into the series.  When Book Two came about, it seemed like the perfect location for a prison break.

Because prison breaks are cool enough already (you know, as long as the good guys are the ones getting out, right?), but what if you’ve got the power of lightning being what keeps you from escaping?

In summation: If you could let me know when someone has a legitimate method for harnessing this energy, let me know.  I’m willing to invest some capital…you know, until my wife says no.

Have fun out there!


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