Make 2017 Great Sale: Week 6

It’s the final week of my sale to Make 2017 Great, and this week we’re focused on my most recent release, the sequel to the book which puts you out of breath, The Agora Files – Part II, now on sale for only 99 cents!

Following up the first book in this series was no simple task.  The first Agora Files was filled with non-stop action and very few answers.  Obviously, when moving into the second book, a few answers were required.

But at the same time, there was still a need to keep things flying forward with all sorts of action, crazy locations, and a whole host of weird things getting in Cyrus’ way.

And if you’ve read the book, you’ve no doubt found exactly that, as well as even further questions which need answering.

All in due time, my friends.

In fact, I’m currently working on the final book in this series, getting ready to actually put some words to paper after plotting out all of the action which needs to occur in this final book in the series to make sure that all the important questions are answered, as well as, hopefully, plenty of the less important ones.

But for this week, we’re focused on book 2 in the series, a book which is missing something I really hated not having in there…the music.

In Book One, Cyrus spent a fair amount of time solo, running by himself, and, well, just plain running.  In Book Two, we don’t have nearly as much running, nearly as much alone time, or nearly as much opportunity to just craft the fun soundtrack we got to have in the original.  It was a necessity of the story telling technique, not only because of those reasons, but also to set the tone of book two, which is that things have changed.  (I’m really excited to bring the music back for book three though…)

Book two also ups the ante on everything.  Where the first one just introduces us to the idea of a corrupt government and those who oppose it, book two shows us that there are a whole lot of folks in the mix, that there isn’t just a simple answer of who is good and who is bad.  And that Cyrus may have to do a lot more than just finish the run if he hopes to stay alive.

But it also brings Eve and The Geek into a much stronger focus, showing us further details on their backgrounds as well as how they play into the whole game Cyrus has found himself in the middle of.

Ultimately, book two, as with most second books in trilogies, is stuck with the terrible effort of setting up the finale.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of action to go around.  Seaplanes, skydiving, underground caverns, high dives, invisible labs, and ziplining across Boston are but a handful of the crazy activities Cyrus finds himself doing in this action-packed sequel.

And you can be sure that book three will have to take things even further.

Which if, of course, a terrible prospect to put onto an author.  But I promise you I’m up to the task 🙂

Have fun out there!


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