The Future of The Long Chron

Hey, there’s still time to pick up your 99 cent copy of The Long Chron!  Go get it now and figure out what the heck I’ve been talking about this week.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, this story originated as an ongoing series and then morphed into something which would be self-contained, until I finished it and began coming up with all sorts of ideas of where the series could go.

If you’ve read the book, you’ve no doubt realized that while there is (at least in my mind) a fairly solid sense of resolution, there’s still a ton of other questions which might come to mind.  Questions which Chelle herself poses in the final pages even.

Obviously, some of them are intended to be simply questions.  If the book were to explain all of the greater details of how this time travel stuff actually works (which, for the record, is based quite heavily on solid conceptual experiments for time travel which exist), or how the whole thing was actually put into motion, or at what point certain people were switched out for *spoilers*, well, let’s just say that the book itself would have been a lot longer and a lot more filled with exposition which, although might be interesting, would ultimately come out as being boring.

But one of the pieces placed in those closing pages which does beg further review is where we learn that Chelle has a whole bunch of adventures through time yet to come.  As in, we learn that they have happened/will happen (depending on your frame of reference).  And we learn a heckuva lot about where all of them end up, but we don’t learn much about the adventures themselves.

And…well…let’s just say that I have a full design on the concepts of what happened between the Chelle we see at the end of the book and the Chelle we learn about in those final pages.  And I have to admit, there’s a lot of fun time travel-style craziness to be had.

But since I can’t quite dig into it without spoiling future books, I’m going to talk about one of the major themes in the book itself.

As can be seen, even with the book’s cover, this novel takes some themes from The Wizard of Oz.  There’s a cyclone which whisks you away to another land, there’s a Wizard, and if you dig even deeper, you’ll find yourself a scarecrow, lion, and tin man hiding in there as well.  Although the similarities began as a coincidence, once I saw them, I couldn’t help but run with them.

But Chelle’s story is separated from Dorothy’s in one major way.  Her travels take her across the actual world, not some fictional land which may or may not actually exist even in Dorothy’s reality.

And…we already know the final state of Chelle…although even she doesn’t know how she gets there.

I honestly have no clue whether I’ll return to the world of The Long Chron.  If there are enough folks looking for it, probably.  But what I can tell you is that Chelle has an amazing life before the end we learn about.  And that she serves to be quite the spectacular figure in defining what all happens throughout the pages of The Long Chron.

But for now, enjoy the adventure that exists.  That’s the whole point.  To enjoy the present, no matter what the future may hold.  Because the present can be pretty sweet itself.

Have fun out there!


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