Defender HQ

Hey, you’ve still got this weekend to pick up Rise of the Fat Mogul for the low low price of 99 cents.  Get it now!

When I began writing The Legend of Buddy Hero, I knew that I would need a cool base for the old Defenders to have hung out in.  I also knew that I wanted a sweet base for the bad guys to hang out in.  It took me a while before I figured out that I wanted to have them be the exact same place.

So, when Buddy was first introduced to Arthur Flores, I had him get to the parking garage in the same way he does now, but outside of an unmarked door was to sit two large mafioso types, smoking cigarettes, who Buddy would pass to enter a hallway with a series of doors.

The original version of what became The Bunker was much more maze-like, in that there would be doors upon doors upon doors where the only way you could get to where you wanted to go would be to know the exact path, or else you would be lost in the labyrinth.

Unfortunately, much of that was lost when I realized that I wanted Arthur to have set up camp in what used to be Buddy’s home base. So when I started up work on Rise of the Fat Mogul, and realized how I wanted them to break into The Bunker, this back door system started where I had left off in my initial designs for this underground lair.

Of course, if you’ve read Rise of the Fat Mogul, you’ll see that it became much more like a video game filled with puzzles than the Minotaur-style maze I had originally envisioned.

But here’s the thing: if Buddy and co. had made it deeper into the back door areas before *spoilers*, they would have found themselves right in the midst of that maze as the final point.

Of course, also because of *spoilers*, it looks like we’ll never actually get to see the final levels of the back door system…


Honestly, there’s a lot of design that’s gone into the entirety of the Bunker which will probably never get to see the light of day, which is more than a little disappointing, but for the future of the series, the Bunker needs to serve less of a focus.  Because these guys need to start doing all their business above ground.

Which is what you’re going to see moving forward, a much more visible Defenders.

And I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got planned!

Have fun out there!


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