History of The Fat Mogul

Hey there folks, Rise of the Fat Mogul is still on sale for a mere 99 cents.  You should really pick up a copy!

And while you’re waiting for that to download onto your kindle or other electronic reading device, I wanted to take a moment about how the character of the Fat Mogul came to be.

Obviously, one could be convinced that I feel a certain kinship to this character who plays a pivotal role in the lives of Buddy Hero and the rest of the Defenders, and honestly, it would make a lot of sense for me to feel that way, considering how by the end of Rise of the Fat Mogul, it becomes apparent that this mafioso shares a lot in common with the person plotting out the book.

But the truth of the matter is…this website and the coinage of the term Fat Mogul comes well before I even considered the idea of a mafia-style supervillain group.  And well before I ever came up with the idea of Arthur Flores.

It came from a time where I thought I could direct movies and I felt I needed a name for my production studio.  Fat Mogul felt right as a name for the studio since it was so far from what my studio actually was.  I had even come up with a character who went by the name of Fat Mogul who would be the fictional leader of this production studio.  I had written a few shorts, SCTV-style, where this character would come into the limelight as the fearless leader of this organization which put out these little indie films.

But ultimately, none of that came to fruition.  And I gave up on the filmmaking.  And I was left with this catchy little domain name.

I had actually completed several drafts of The Legend of Buddy Hero before I ever realized how much Fat Mogul was a perfect character for Arthur Flores, the riff of the trope showcased by such villains as The Kingpin and Lex Luthor.

And so, the usage of this character’s name within the books came to be…simply because I realized I already had a great villain name that was just plain ridiculous enough to work within the confines of this rather goofy series.

In the chicken v egg scenario here, the chicken definitely came first…but I’m alright with it feeling the other way around, as it certainly plays toward the character of Arthur Flores a little bit more that the author of the books uses his name to identify himself.

Alright, well, that’s it for today, next, I’m going to talk a bit about The Bunker itself, the place where The Defenders used to hang out…and how much fun it was developing all that it had come to be…and how difficult it was to destroy it.

Have fun out there!


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