The Future of the Dead

Hey, you’ve still got through the weekend to pick up my zombie filled homage to fatherhood, Daddy of the Dead, for 99 cents!

And today, I’m going to talk about the future of the world and characters of Daddy of the Dead.

Now, this book (like many of mine, oddly enough) was originally intended to be a one off book.  Heck, it was actually intended to be a one off short story, just a few pages which would express a basic concept and that would be the end of it.   And as I’m prone to do…I got a little carried away.

Now, while I don’t have any actual current intentions to write any additional stories in the Daddy of the Dead saga, I have to admit that there are quite a few which have been percolating in my brain ever since I wrote the novella.

The obvious one is to explore what happens next with Bert, Zelda, and Guy.  These three characters are left, at the end, to be traveling north to see if they could find a place to wait out the storm (both actual storm and zombified one).  Their story felt like it was just beginning as they drove off into the sunset (you know…at 10:30 am or so).

But more than that, I wanted to explore some of the side characters we met along the way.  Like the guys in the truck who drive by blaring their music and flashing their lights.  It becomes quite obvious that they’re trying to draw the zombies after them…but why?  Well, I know…but in the situation I ever do decide to write that story, I feel like I should keep it a secret.

Or Charlie, the incredibly helpful gas station attendant who we last saw in the rearview mirror cuddling Stormy, the lovable little puppy.  When the zombies came, instead of running, Charlie decided to stand his ground, while also dedicating himself to helping people who are making their way through his little berg.

What about the kid we hear on the radio at the very onset of the story?

Or the guy who we see jumping out the hotel window just before Bert decides to try the same?

Or Peterson, the salesman that Bert really wanted to prank?

Or what about the people who were watching Zelda?

Or Zelda herself, while she watched everyone around her turn into zombies?

Or…most importantly…what about those zombies?

You see, I added some nuances to my zombies which aren’t part of the standard zombie lore.  I know, I know…I hate it when writers take the history of monsters and throw it out the window.  But there was a reason for that.  There’s a reason these zombies stare at the sun.  A reason why they glow red.  And a reason why we saw a horde of them barreling down the highway…

But…if I told you now, I’d have no reason to write the stories…and I’m kinda thinking I still may want to one day.

But for now, Daddy of the Dead tells its very important story.  The rest is all just placed there to make the world feel real.  To make it feel whole.  To show that there’s a heckuva lot going on during a zombie apocalypse than just a few intrepid survivors making their way to their next safehouse.

Have fun out there!


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