How Daddy of the Dead Came to Be

Hey, Daddy of the Dead is still just 99 cents on Amazon right now!  You should pick up a copy of my ode to fatherhood and zombies.  But for right now, I’m going to talk a little about the background of this little novella.

After finishing up The Legend of Buddy Hero and The Agora Files, I was looking for a little refresher.  I had spent the better part of four years on these two books and although I had big ideas on where those stories were going, I thought I just needed to cleanse the palate completed.

So, I decided to write a little short story based on a dream I had, a dream which actually plays out almost precisely as it did in my sleep as it does in the final pages of this story.

Of course, what should be quickly apparent if you’ve read Daddy of the Dead is that it is NOT a short story.  It’s quite a bit longer than that.

Because, unbeknownst to me, I actually had a lot of story to tell.  And most of it, obviously, came down to the concept of trying to express what it might be like to be a guy who isn’t necessarily all that strong-hearted or strong-willed, but will do anything to keep his children safe.

And then, it also happened that writing about zombies was a ton of fun.  There’s just something about the playground of an empty world, filled with mindless cannibals which allows the creative juices to flow heavily.

And what better way to show a dead world than to show the midwest in the middle of winter.  So often do we get to see zombies in the nicer weather (outside, I suppose, of Game of Thrones, but we’ll ignore the white walkers for now), but we don’t get to see them when it’s difficult enough to just survive outside.  What’s it’s like to run from the walking dead when running brings about the risk of slipping without merely falling over because it’s a trope of the horror genre?

Cars don’t start?  Well, again, that’s a fairly normal standard of winter in the midwest.

Also, I just had fun with playing with the area of the world I know best.

So, although this story was really all about my own feelings about fatherhood, written shortly after I was introduced to the world of being a father, it also allowed me to have some fun with the horror genre, which is one I hadn’t played with at all before this moment.

It also happens to be one I wholeheartedly expect to return to soon…but I’ll talk about that in my next post.



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