Make 2017 Great Sale: Week 2

In my hopes to brighten up the prospects for 2017, I’m putting all my books on sale, one at a time, for a week at a time.  And this week’s book is my second release, the book I get the most requests about sequels on, The Agora Files.

That’s right, for the next seven days you can get yourself a copy of this fast-paced action/adventure dystopian young adult novel for a mere 99 cents!

As with last week, I want to spend some time this week talking about the history and future of this book/series.

But for today, I just want to take a second to talk about how much I absolutely love writing about the adventures of Cyrus Rhodes, Eve Gardner, and The Geek.

Because, honestly, outside of writing about zombies (which we’ll get into next week when we start talking about Daddy of the Dead), these books are some of the most intense writing I’ve ever done.  The first book was written in just 30 days, because I was just so deeply invested in what was going on.  I had a difficult time stopping writing each time I got into it.

That’s also one of the main reasons the series hasn’t yet been completed, because these books are absolutely exhausting to put together.  I would tend to feel like I had run a marathon after each and every writing session for both released books in the series, and I still can’t re-read them without getting a little winded.

That being said, I’m really eager to get the final book in this series released, intended on being later this year.  I’ve got a large portion of the final book plotted out and ready to go, I just have to sit down and  get the darned thing written.

So, if you’re ready to sink your teeth into a book so wild and outrageous and filled with as many conspiracy theories as I could find, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy of this book today.

The only thing people have said bad about it so far is that the book had to end.



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