The Future of Buddy Hero

You’ve still got a few days left to pick up The Legend of Buddy Hero for the low low price of 99 cents.  Monday’s the final day.  But why wait?  This weekend is sure to be a cold one where you’ll want to just hunker down inside, wrap yourself in a blanket, and keep your eyes glued to your favorite ereader.

But since I promised all sorts of DVD-style extras this week to celebrate the sale, today I’d like to focus on the future of Buddy Hero and the Defenders Saga series.

You see, I’ve got so many stories I want to tell about this world that Buddy and his cohorts live in.

For those of you who have read  the sequel, The Rise of the Fat Mogul, you’ll be well aware that the series has left off in a rather weird spot.  One of the Defenders has been drastically changed, we’ve learned something entirely new about the Fat Mogul himself, we’ve gained something which could give all the answers Buddy has been looking for, and…well…it looks like our old chum Kid Zero could be in a lot of trouble for things that happened while he was out in space.

The end of that book definitely leads into quite a few of the stories left to tell in Sun City and beyond.  But there’s a ton more.

And one of the characters I’m really excited to get to focus on further is Kid Zero himself.

Sure, on the surface, he appears to be nothing more than a rip off of Adam West’s Batman, but as is easy to see by the end of Rise of the Fat Mogul, there’s a lot more going on there.  As I was developing this character, I quickly came to the realization that he might actually be one of the most tragic figures in literature ever.  Not that it’s been made all that obvious yet.

Zero Hamilton has quite the history.  Simply looking at how, to him, the world changed from loving him to not even knowing he existed overnight, well, you can see that things just don’t feel awesome for this giant of a man.

I’m also a big fan of how his powers are powers of the mind, yet he allows himself to be such a simpleton.  This juxtaposition of mind and brawn amuses me to no end.

And it is for these and many more reasons that Kid Zero is easily my favorite character in the Defenders world, even if he’s one of the few characters in the books which is not, in any way, based on myself.

In short, what can you expect from the future of Buddy?  Diving deeper into the world and mind of Kid Zero.  But at the same time,  I can’t wait to give you more insight into the background of all the rest of the Defenders, old and new.

Although this series may be, on the surface, a satire of the golden age of comics, it’s really a story about characters.  Characters that I can’t wait to give you more of.

Have fun out there!


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