How Buddy Hero Came to Be

For the first week of my ‘Make 2017 Great’ sale, I’m focusing on the book which started it all, The Legend of Buddy Hero.

It’s on sale right now, right this very second, right as you’re reading this.  So get yourself out there and pick up a copy for a mere 99 cents.  You’ll be glad you did!

Now, I’ve talked a lot about this book over the years.  A whole lot.  I’m proud of it.  Damned proud.

But the truth of the matter is that the only reason it came about at all is because of how I felt that I completely and utterly failed in my attempts at an entirely different form of art.

But I’ve talked about my failures in film before.  I’ve even talked about how my supportive wife told me time and again how I should turn my focus to writing a book.  And I’ve even talked about how arduous of a task putting together the first draft was.

But what I haven’t ever talked about before is how Buddy Hero existed before I decided to write a book about him.

And it all started with a silly username I gave myself, SuperOstah.

Since I was/am a fan of Superman and the general pronunciation of my name by friends at the time ended with an ‘Ah’ instead of an ‘Er’, it seemed a silly enough choice for a username.

And then I began mentally crafting a back story for him.

And then I came across a website for an upcoming MMORPG called City of Heroes.  I got fairly excited about the game, although I wouldn’t end up actually playing it until several years later (but I’ll get into that later) so I ended up spending a lot of time hanging around the forums, you know, the place where people would talk about the upcoming game and get excited about it’s development.

And then I came across the section of the forums dedicated to role playing.  To put it briefly, the idea here was that you would create a character and insert it into an on-going story, where each user would use their character to write the next part of the story.

This, right here, folks, is where I realized that I really liked writing.

And it’s also where I ended up developing a large portion of the backstory for the character which would become Kid Zero.

Soon, the beta for the game was released and I was invited to play.  I did get in a few minutes, but life got busy at approximately the same time, and so I dropped away from both the game and the site.

But I had gotten this itch.  And this character was stuck in my head.

The following years I would write little short stories and such about the character and began including other characters along with it.  Very little from those stories actually made it through the many iterations of the concept to the final phase.

And then finally, a few years later, I came across a casting call for a reality TV show called something along the lines of “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?”.  It was, at the time, being produced by MTV, Stan Lee was attached, and I was really into acting at the time, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.  So, I wrote a little piece to put together for an audition video and began getting all the documents together, and then realized that I would be giving away the usage of the name SuperOstah if I signed up for this thing.  Since I had been using the name SuperOstah for this character I had been writing so many stories about, I was concerned about the idea of giving away the usage of that name, and decided I needed to come up with something new.  Something kinda cool, but ultimately too stupid for me to ever want to use for anything I would write.

The name I came up with was Kid Zero.

Shortly thereafter, I realized I really liked the name Kid Zero and he became the new version of SuperOstah, seeing as I realized that although it might be a fair username, it was a terrible character name.

Both SuperOstah and Kid Zero, at this point, actually shared a lot of similarities with the Kid Zero you’ll find in the books today, but were still worlds different from the homage to Golden Age superheroes you’ll find in the character today.

Around this same time, buddy of mine told me about a video game he had been playing and how he had an extra disc and how I should try it out.

The game was, of course, City of Heroes.

This time around, I actually got to playing quite a bit.  So much, in fact, that I created several characters.  At one point, I wanted to test something which could have terrible results if done to a character I was actually using, so I created a test character just for the purposes of doing one thing and then dumping him.  I dressed him in an incredibly obnoxious bright green outfit and called him by the first two words which popped in my head.  Buddy Hero.

It wasn’t too long after I stopped playing that game (mostly because of being busy, but also because games like that get way too repetitive way too quickly) when I began trying to write some stories again.  And I came up with this idea of a washed up superhero.  A guy who used to be the greatest, but now just drank his life away at a bar.  The superhero version of Raging Bull.

And who came to mind, but Buddy Hero himself.

This right here, folks, is where the actual start of The Legend of Buddy Hero began.

So, I wrote a little story, never even fully completed, to encapsulate this idea I had come up with.  And it just so happens that I still have that story.

And I’m going to share it with you tomorrow.

But for today, why don’t you pick up a copy of what that story became.  I promise you’ll love it!

Have fun out there!


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