Book Review: When Time Comes by Cat Nicolaou

The author sent me this book, When Time Comes, asking me if I’d give it a read and review it.  And me, being the guy I am, did.

Okay, standard disclaimer for this type of book, I just can’t get into the romance genre.  And this book is most definitely aligned deep within the wish-fulfillment world of perfect love of the romance genre.

Separating myself from my inability to really ‘get’ romance novels is difficult, but I’ll attempt to do so for the purposes of this review.

Because, you see, this is a well written book.  The characters are developed, the scene is set, and the picture is painted quite clearly.  There is even a little bit of drama revolving around the will they or won’t they ever get to their happily ever after, so it’s probably not entirely wish-fulfillment fiction…but pretty darn close.

Sorry…I promise I’ll leave my comments regarding the genre itself out of it from here on out.

A young woman finds out her favorite musician is coming to Greece (the country she resides in, in case that’s not apparent here), and is overly excited about getting to see him in concert for the first time ever.  On the fifteen hour ferry ride to the island of Rhodes to see the concert, who does she happen to run across but the musician himself!

An attraction develops between the two of them quickly, and a whirlwind of a weekend ensues, but at the end, neither seem capable of revealing their true feelings and …

Sheesh, I’m really bad at this.

Bottom line:  If you like reading romance novels, this is a spectacular example of the genre, one of the few I’ve ever been able to actually make my way through.  It’s solidly composed and should be something any fan of the genre would absolutely fall in love with.

I’m giving it a three out of five stars, which is by far the highest rating I’ve ever given a romance novel.  And that rating has nothing to do with the skill of Ms. Nicolaou, but purely due to the fact that I just can’t fully get into the genre itself.

As an added bonus, an additional short story is included after the main novel to give you yet another example of Nicolaou’s spectacular way with words.

Seriously, if you like this type of book, you’ll love this book.  I’m certain of it.

Buy it now!


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