America’s Fail-Safe

So, I may have been a little facetious at the end of my last post and suggested that the Electoral College could actually be a last chance for Trump to not actually be elected.  You see…that’s just not how things work.

The Electoral College.  The bane of every college student learning about elections and the pride of every election coverage night because it allows for points and point spreads and other words which sound more like a sporting even than the decision for who runs this country.

It’s problematic.  It’s confusing.  And when you first realize that you aren’t actually voting for the President, the one thing you’ve been growing up actually caring about voting for…well, it’s a little discouraging.

Because, you do realize that you aren’t actually voting for the President, right?  I really hope this isn’t news to you.  Well, I mean, technically you are, but, well…it’s not as confusing as you think, but it’s still fairly confusing.

Actually, the history of the Electoral College is quite interesting.  It often gets reduced down to a story of “Our Founding Fathers didn’t trust us to elect the right person to President, so we indirectly vote, through representatives.”  That’s not even all that accurate of a summary, but we’re going to ignore that for now.

So, pretty much every election nowadays we hear about how the Electors could “save the day”.  How they could vote against their designated vote.  One thing people tend to ignore is that those Electors, they’re chosen by the people who run the party who the Electors are supposed to vote for.  In other words, if the Republicans win a state, the Republicans choice of Electors will be the dudes placing the final vote.

You see, when we vote on Election Day, we are actually voting for our Electors.  Their names might not appear on the ballot, but that’s who we are voting for.  So, when you draw your little line next to Trump or Clinton or whoever, you’re actually voting for a group of people you’ve never heard of before and will more than likely never hear of, who were designated by whatever party your candidate is part of, so they can go out and vote for that candidate for you.

This, actually, goes a bit in the face of the original concept of the Electoral College, but, you know, considering how the whole thing feels in the first place, does it really matter?

Well, actually, yeah, it does kinda matter…a very tiny little bit, in this particular situation.

You see, because, the RNC has kinda shown they don’t really like Trump.  Many people within the RNC have shown that they really don’t like Trump.

And considering how invisible our electorate appears to be, there’s actually a totally real possibility that one of them is emboldened to vote against their party.  To vote against what they have been put in place to vote against.

Of course, Trump needs at least 21 of them to vote against him to not have the 270 votes required…and that’s not counting the other 16 votes he’s still got coming to him (at the time this was written).  That’s a lot of people hired by the RNC choosing to vote against the RNC.  Not to mention that Hillary would still have to get another 42 votes (38 if you count the 4 she’s going to get yet) to ensure the vote doesn’t go to the House.  If it goes to the House, they’re a Republican majority, which again puts you in an uphill battle to get them to vote against their party, which means, ultimately, this is an incredibly hopeful piece of nothing.  It could happen…it won’t.

Conversely, in a world where the Electorate is actually a group of unbiased individuals, purely put in their position as paragons of integrity to ensure that our country continues ticking along, yes, I do think that this could be one of those situations where they would choose to act.  Where you could actually see a change from who we believe to be the President-elect, to whom the Electorate actually elects.

But, if you stop and think about that for a moment, I think it’s pretty obvious a fail-safe measure like this can only be used once.  I mean, unless Trump goes absolutely crazy in the next couple weeks, causing the entirety of the American public and the RNC to change their minds and become frightened of what could happen should he be allowed the codes, then you’re going to have some amazing riots on your hands.  A failure of democracy!  A rigged system!

This fail-safe would work.  It would happen.  But the outcry from it would be so loud that it would require a change to the system.  The American people would only allow such a thing to happen once.  Because right now, even though we watch the scoreboard like any other sporting event, those points don’t mean much to the standard American. They’re numbers to define who is winning.  They’re not directly tied to an individual who will sit in a crowded room and wait until their name is called so they can shout the name they’ve been practicing over and over again in their hotel bathroom.

But suddenly they would be.

So, my fellow Americans, calm down about the Electoral College.  It’s a fail-safe system which was modified with a giant bypass switch.  It will not “save” you from Trump.

And, honestly, he’s only part of your worries.

But, what they could do…and here’s something interesting you don’t see talked about very often.  You see, they vote separately for both vice president and president.  In the past, they have given the runner up for President the position of vice-President.  The system has been modified since then to make that much more difficult, but they *could*…read, *could*,  as it’s also highly unlikely they would, but they *could* decide to change things up.  To give Trump the slightest amount of oversight.  To put a minor check and/or balance into the newly bloated system.  But voting in a Democrat VP to the Republican President…

And they could get away with it.  Because no one really voted for Pence.  No one could even see Pence beyond that orange face.

Of course, this won’t happen either.

But it could make things a lot more interesting.

In the end, what you’re looking at is that we do, in actuality, get the orange one for President.  Because: Democracy.

And should he be convicted on any of the charges he’s being investigated for, he *could* become impeached and then ultimately booted from his job.  That’s actually highly possible, although Presidents, historically, have very slick backs in situations like this.  And…if Trump is no longer President, you get Pence.  And Pence is much more likely to fall in line with party politics.  Which would mean that the only gatekeeper you have left in Donald Trump, is gone.

Which means, again, I have to reiterate, Donald Trump is the only thing which stands between us and free reign Republicans.

Not that this is a very comforting thought. Although some of his recent apparent backpedaling has caused many of those in opposition to him to shut up a bit.


Ultimately, we need to just come to terms with who we have as our next President.  But…maybe there are a few more things we need to understand a bit better before we’re quite ready to do that.


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