Time to Get Stronger Together

In my previous post, I may have gone with a bit of an extreme possibility scenario.  Although I don’t believe the suggestion that a government completely controlled by one of the political parties could go tyrannical on us is completely out of line, the likelihood is more along the lines that things will be a bit more business as usual.

Although, to be fair, there is a possibility that more things might get done.

I mean, when you don’t have anyone opposing your party’s positions in power anymore, what can’t you get done?

I also noted in my previous post how the last time the Republicans controlled this much of the government, we had the Great Depression as a follow up 8 months later.

And I also noted you shouldn’t directly correlate anything with the Republicans gaining power and the Depression happening soon after. The Depression was brought on by a decade of greed.  A decade of power-hungry people abusing a system until it finally collapsed in on itself.  Much like the housing market crisis of nearly a decade ago.  Or the coming education crisis or the coming healthcare crisis or…

The issue isn’t that the Republicans are in power, the issue is that the people are in power unopposed.  Although our bipartisan system may be terrible, it’s bureaucratic process of checks and balances slows things down enough that many things are given the opportunity to correct themselves before they completely break down.

Now, as was the case in 1928, anything can be thrown at the nation’s problems without spending much time considering whether or not the fix is worthwhile or will really fix anything.

You may have noticed the party message coming from the Democrats on Wednesday being one of reconciliation.  That everyone needed to look forward to working together with Donald and the RNC to craft a better future.

If you don’t snort-laugh at that, you’re missing what the actual message is.

When your party no longer has any political power in the House, Senate, or the Oval Office, there really only is one option left.  To reach across the aisle and hope that your new conservative overlords will keep you in consideration.

The message here is: “Get ready to beg”.

It’s at this point I feel I should note that I’m  generally something of an optimist when it comes to these types of things.  I may have my fears about what a Trump presidency could mean, but, there could be plenty of good things which could come out of this.


Look, I’m no Democrat, I’m no Republican.  I’ve often considered myself politically apathetic because I firmly believe these two parties have abused the system to a point of no return.  I’m only talking now because that abuse has reached the breaking point.  A point where one of these two parties has achieved (or very soon will have achieved) control over the three pieces of our government.

Our Founding Fathers could have never imagined that one organization would have grown into such a machine so as to be able to control our entire government, to be able to bypass the incredibly important checks and balances they had put in place.

Because whether it is the Democrats or Republicans, no one should have this much power.

And here’s where you’re going to get mad at me.  Here’s where you’re going to shout terrible obscenities.  Because no matter how much the following might be true, you don’t want to hear it.  I honestly don’t know how much I want to say it.

There is but one thing left to keep the Republicans in check.  One person who actually might be able to keep everything from going absolutely awry.  One single individual who has the power, who has exhibited that no one pulls his strings.

Donald Trump.

Yes, he’s terrible, yes he’s very conservative in a great many of his stated policies…but he’s also the man the RNC didn’t want in office.  He’s the man who was disowned by his own party more and more the closer he got to actually succeeding.

He’s the Republican Republicans don’t want.

Because no one trusts him to do what he said he was going to do.

Because no one actually has any clue of what this little tyrant of a man might be capable of.

Because this is not a man who feels beholdened to anyone.

I’m going to let you soak that up for a moment.  Because, honestly, unless you are a die hard Republican, and I mean, you would have to absolutely positively believe that the Republicans can and will only do good for this country, you should be afraid of the power they hold right now.  They can do pretty much whatever they want.

And the only person they know they can’t control, is the one man most of us don’t want to have in office.

Which…for the record…sounds like a pretty solid tagline for a really boring action movie.

Okay, you’re going to need some time to digest all of that, I get it.  I mean, I did just suggest that Donald Trump is America’s last hope. That’s a pretty big assertion, right?

Well, there is one other suggestion: that the American people finally band together like the “We the people” we are supposed to be.  That we put aside our petty differences and recognize each other for what we all are.  A people who have been used and abused.

So, those are your options, work together, or pray that Donald Trump isn’t quite as terrible of a person as he has made himself out to be.

Good luck, America!

Okay, well, actually…there is one more option, but it comes at a price.  We’ll talk about the Electoral College and all it could do next time.


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