Book Review: The Gospel According to St. Rage by Karen Eisenbrey

Loser girl turned punk rock superhero…Those six words should sell you on The Gospel According to St. Rage alone.  But you know what, that still doesn’t do this book any sort of justice.

Barbara has spent the majority of her life invisible.  Whether she’s been literally invisible or not is not entirely clear.  Neither is it all that important, as whichever is true, no one at her school seems to even know she exists…until one chance meeting leaves her with a brand new hat and a new lease on life…and sudden visibility. And superpowers?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure where the superpowers come from either, but again it doesn’t matter, because Barbara is no longer the type of person to concern herself with where good fortune comes from, she’s now one to take that fortune by the horns and ride it into the sunset.

Suddenly she’s the leader of a rockin’ new girls band and making waves in the school.

There is so much I want to say about the actual content of this book, so much I want to tell you about what happens, but I honestly believe you need to experience it for yourself.  You see, this isn’t really a superhero book.  Sure, Barbara may have the powers to cause flocks of birds to release their…um…payload onto her enemies with the simple flick of a finger, but she’s not out to save the world, she’s just out to finally live the life she’s been hiding from.

And that she does in an incredibly amazing way for this previously quiet choir girl.

This is a story about high school.  About finding yourself.  About doing what you need to be doing…about destiny?

Eisenbrey brought me back to my own high school days with this book that feels like a punk rock song itself.  To those days of trying to make friends, of trying to define who I am.  And she does so with rock star class.

This ain’t your momma’s young adult novel.  And it ain’t your daddy’s comic book.  It’s a real story, based in reality, with a little bit of fun superpowers thrown in…and I have to say, the powers themselves are some of the most creative I’ve seen.

Give this book a read…seriously.

Buy it now!


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