Fat Mogul vs. Unhappiness #365HappyThings

I’m just going to go right out and say it:

The last year has been pretty crap.

Now, to be fair, there have been plenty of great things about the past 365 days.  Things like getting my biggest paycheck to date from being an author, my short, but amazing stint as a mailman, countless fantastic moments with me and my family, and, really, there have been a lot of great fantastic things that have happened.

Yet, the bad things won out.  They just seem to overshadow any of the good that may have come about during the last year.

This may seem like complaining, and, you know, maybe it really is, somewhere.  But I promise that’s not the true intent.  The true intent is to state that I plan to make that not the case for the new year.

Oh, I should probably mention, I just got a little bit older this last Saturday, which is how I mark new years.  Who cares about standard year calculations, this is year 35.  No notations after needed.

Anyways, so, since I’ve done such a terrible job of making note of the good things, amid the bad things like animals dying, getting a job offer rescinded because of questionable background check methods, and…you know what, no, I’m not going to list them.  Because that year is done.  New year is here.

And so, because of my need, no, my intention, to make year 35 a far superior year to year 34, I’ve decided to institute #365HappyThings.  And so far, it’s going pretty darn well.   Here’s the list so far:

#1 : Spent my birthday at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  Played hard with the kiddos and wife and had an all around great time, followed by a dinner of great cheeseburgers at an award-winning cheeseburger joint called The Lions Tap (my kids claim my burgers are still better), and all around felt mighty loved as I got to spend a lot of necessary recreation time with those who are the absolute most important people in my life.

#2:  We introduced two new family members to our household.  Flash and Iris.  Two little kittens we adopted from the Humane Association and who I want to snuggle with constantly…although my allergies seem to debate me on that.  They’re currently getting adjusted to their new home, but last night got mighty playful when the house quieted down, and this morning came out to see what was going on as  the kids got ready…so, soon…prepare yourself nose!

#3….I haven’t decided yet.  You see, the day is young, and I’ve got plenty of things that I’ve already got prepared to tell you that are happy things for the coming year that I can choose from, should nothing else spectacular come about.  So…I’m holding off on this one until later in the day.  Which means next week for you folks, should I remember to update here regularly enough.

So, yeah, year 35 is going to be the best year yet.  I’ve begun writing again (in fact, the first draft of my early reader chapter book is complete and according to my wife, mighty adorable…the daughter wants to start reading it tonight).  I’ve begun some early attempts at marketing my books again.  My house is getting back in order.  There’s some job stuff going on which I’m waiting to reveal officially.  And, well…actually, there’s a ton of stuff I want to announce, btu that would spoil my future HappyThings…so, I’m waiting.

For now…

Have fun out there!


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