Fat Mogul vs. The Summer

I love summer.  Always have.  Probably always will.  My wife always says fall and spring (with a focus on the spring, I believe) are the best, but I’m a summer man.

I’m sure it comes from the childhood experience of months with no responsibilities, just reaching for the stars and doing what you want.

Which is probably why I find myself questioning how that love of summer still exists.

When you become an adult, unless you have one of those special jobs like a teacher or something, summer isn’t really that different from the rest of the year, except hotter.  And in Wisconsin, A LOT HOTTER.

When you have kids, there’s actually probably more responsibility  (instead of the hoped-for less) placed on you because you want to make sure your kids have that same concept of summer you loved so much, which means getting them out to explore the world, getting them to feel the wind through their hair, and overall just getting them to have a few months where their lives are theirs.

Of course…at the ages of my children, even school is special, so perhaps my focus on that isn’t entirely necessary yet…which is good, because I think overall this summer, I’ve failed in that attempt, mostly.

This summer has been an odd one.  As mentioned recently, change has been in the air heavily in the Oster household.  Change which has been ongoing since early 2015, but seems to be coming to a head at the end of this summer.  There’s a lot of things up in the air, a lot of things we’re working on, and really, just a larger feeling of responsibility than ever before.

Could it be that three kids really does become that point in which the senses are completely overwhelmed?

Regardless, because of this realization that summer has been a mite more scheduled than would be generally expected, the wife and I have been making an effort during these past few weeks to cram in as much summer goodness as possible, if not for any other reason, than to give the kids something to report on their “What I did this summer” projects they’ll inevitably get when school starts up next week.

And I’ve been digging it.  Sure, I’m much more exhausted than I already was, which was pretty darn exhausted.  But getting out and enjoying the world has been a necessary refresher for this family of mine, and I can already see the spirits lift a bit from the rather heavy hot months we’ve been experiencing.

But, you may be asking, what does this have to do with anything you might care about?

Well, you see, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living under something of a rock for the past 6 months or so.  I’ve been so focused on getting through the days, that I haven’t seen much of the light.  So, in addition to getting the kids to enjoy their summer, I’ve been working on getting myself back on that summer-time horse.

Which, for me, means spending time with family and friends, doing some reading, and, you know, getting some writing done.

That last one has been pretty minimal so far, but I’ve finally developed a schedule which will allow me a greater amount of writing than I’ve been seeing lately (which you might remember from my previous post has been nearly negative levels of words to page).  And I’m pretty excited.

You see, I’ve found that I’ve been in a really long summer.  But, the wrong kind.  My summer, which was intended to be an opportunity to focus on the things I had most interest in, has been a move where I’ve fallen all but completely away from writing…the thing that I have the most interest in (well, you know, outside of the family, of course).

So, I’m calling an end to summer.  Which, considering the actual end of summer is already nigh, isn’t really that much of a declaration.  But I’m getting back to work.  I’ve begun developing a schedule, crafted my daily word count goals, and I’m getting right back to it.

My summer has been too long.  I need to get back to work.  I need to get back to what I do best.  Putting my stupid ideas into words.

Be prepared for new content very soon, peeps.  And if I don’t give it to you, throw something at me the next time you see me.  I’ll know you’re doing it out of love.

School’s in suckas!

(too much?)


Have fun out there!


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