Fat Mogul vs 2016 (redux)

So, I had a bit of a post on this concept at the top of the year, as it became apparent early on that this year just wasn’t going to be as amazing as I had kinda hoped it would be.  Turned out, the trend was to continue.

But I’m not here to mope.  Yeah, the Oster’s have had not the most spectacular year, but at the same time, a lot of good has happened.  I mean, I did get over to Ireland, Scotland, and England this year, and before the whole brexit thing too.

So, there have been ups and downs, even if sometimes the downs have felt a little stronger than the ups over the course of these past 8 months.

But 2016 (as well as a large portion of 2015) have been about change.  And most of the things that could be considered negative about this year really come down to exactly that, change.

Let’s back track a bit…I’ll do my entrance again.

Just a few minutes ago I became aware that the yearly reader poll for the local arts magazine had gone up, causing me to suddenly realize how much time has really flown by.  Not that I generally gauge time by this method, but that when I became aware that I had been again nominated for favorite local author, I realized how little writing I’ve done during the course of the past twelve months.  I did publish a book at the start of the year, get two of my short stories included into two different short story anthologies, write a murder mystery and have it performed by a local theatre group, as well as adapt The Long Chron into a screenplay, begin development on my children’s chapter book series, AND start up an entirely new blogging adventure through 30minutes2bedtime.com, but…honestly, I feel like I haven’t written squat.

And the reality of it is that I haven’t.

I haven’t put any words to the page for at least a month…probably quite longer.

But here’s the thing.  This year has been about getting my life in order.  I love writing, but I had to get back into the real life game.  Get myself a job, get myself situated, get myself smarter.  And that I’ve done in spades.  I’ve taught myself three.five programming languages, developed some serious data analysis skills, and overall have really rocked the whole career-type person thing.

In other words, I made the decision to take a step back from writing for a bit to focus on the things that actually make money.

And it’s been working…I think.

Well, I’ve got a lot of things up in the air, but things are looking like they’re about to come up Milhouse mighty hard, and I’m feeling quite optimistic.

And you know what that means?

That I can get back to writing.

Which is important…because I’ve got some great stuff I’ve been slowly working on that I really want to finish…including that good old third part of Agora Files where we finally get to learn who all will die before the end of the series.

So…yeah, you know, more empty promises that I’m coming back soon.  But I’m really feeling it.  I’m working on it.  It’ll happen.

For now, just remember that I still have 6 books out there to read.  And you can get them pretty much anywhere…I think.  At least at places like Amazon and Books a Million.

So, do that. Or don’t.



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