Book Review: Invasion of the Dumb Snatchers by Scott Erickson

Full Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As the title suggests, Invasion of the Dumb Snatchers is an homage to the classic film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  However, Erickson takes this title in a completely different direction than the very serious B-movie of 1956 flick, in that this book is anything but serious.

Although I believe the satirical nature of this book is intended to serve a much more serious ideal, the book itself focuses on the purely stupid.  The main character is so insanely stupid that it becomes a question of how he is able to continue moving forward without constantly getting lost.

And that’s where the plot takes off.  Miles, the hapless hero, starts getting concerned because everyone in the world seems to suddenly be interested in things like conservation, quality food products, and *gasp* books!  People are having conversations that come out as more than just grunts and everything that he used to hold dear seems to be falling through his grasp.

So, Miles must save the day.  He must do everything he can to keep the aliens from turning everyone into smart weird liberal things who don’t like guns.

There are parts of this book that I really dig.  I kept hoping to find out that Miles was completely mistaken and was just going around as a crazed maniac killing people who disagreed with his personal beliefs, which might allow to lead into a more directly deeper thought.  Instead, the book doesn’t seem to move on from its very shallow beginnings.

I think this book shows a lot of promise, but instead seems too focused on bashing conservatives instead of wanting to actually make a point.  As someone who despises how bipartisan America culture has become, this book’s seems to be entirely focused on making fun of conservatives that it tends to get downright mean.

In short, the book has its moments, but ultimately serves no purpose but to bash an opposing political party.  So, if you’re a diehard liberal, you’ll probably find it pretty amusing. If you’re a diehard conservative, you’ll find it mighty offensive.  If you’re like me and fall somewhere in the middle, you’ll probably find most of it needlessly mean.

But, I tend to miss the boat on humor like this.  So, maybe give it a try anyway.  Buy it now!


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