Fat Mogul vs. Dreams

I’m fairly certain I’ve visited this topic a number of times on here.  That being said, I’ve been inspired to hit up on it again.  So, you know, if you don’t like reading about dreams…too bad!

At some point in their lives, everyone has a dream.  By dream I mean a prime version of themselves that they wish to reach at some point.  I like to think that in the multiverse, this dream version of oneself is the one on Earth Prime.  As in, this is who we would be if everything went the way things were supposed to go.  That places us currently in one of the other universes. Not Earth Prime, but one of the ones where someone made a decision that moved us off that path.

But just because you’re not on Earth Prime doesn’t mean your dreams aren’t acheivable.  Actually, if anything, that theory makes it more plausible you could achieve your dreams.  Somewhere out there in the multiverse there is a version of you who has made it.  That version of you actually managed to make your dreams come true.

So why not you?

Somewhere out there, in Earth Prime, I’m sitting on my farm, with my wife and kids, putting the finishing touches on another novel.  His life isn’t that different from my own.  He just has a bit more land and the opportunity to spend his days pursuing his creative side more.  He’s still got the same awesome wife and kids.  He probably doesn’t have much more money…maybe less.  He’s not that different from me, just spends his days differently.

In Earth Prime, some were born a woman instead of a man, white instead of black, skinny instead of fat, rich instead of poor, sane instead of insane, abled instead of disabled, famous instead of obscure.  We all have dreams.  And they run the gamut of options.

But dreams aren’t just things you want. There aren’t the same as seeing the newest toy out there and wishing you could afford it.  Dreams are a yearning of the heart, a constant tug pulling you toward a version of yourself, the Earth Prime version of yourself.  Dreams stay on your mind nearly constantly.  Dreams are a part of you, incapable of being separated unless you let them die.

I’m not a man who wishes for much.  I don’t spend my days thinking about all the cool things I would buy if I were to ever be rich.  I don’t generally fantasize about wealth. Having fulfilling days has always been my dream, for as long as I can remember.  I remember being a young boy and hoping the future me would simply be happy with his job.  Yes, I wanted to be writer, but that seemed silly to me, even when I was young.  I just wanted to be happy.  It took me ages to figure out what that meant.  Ages to realize being a writer wasn’t as silly as I had thought.  In Earth Prime, I’m guessing I was a bit quicker to learn that.

That’s not to say I’m unhappy.  I love my life.  It’s just not quite my dream.  It’s just slightly off from Earth Prime.  I’m not the goateed mirror universe version of myself.  Just the few days of beard growth version.  If fact, if Earth Prime Adam’s life was all that different from my own, I’d probably turn down the opportunity to change places, should he appear and decide he wants to Prince and Pauper things for a bit.

But that’s getting off track a bit.  What I’m really getting at is the very same question I ask myself whenever I start feeling down about my dreams.

Why aren’t you pursuing your dreams?

If I didn’t ask myself this question, I’m pretty sure my dreams would have fizzled out and died long ago.

I don’t want my dreams to die.  Dreams give me something to aspire to.  I want to be Earth Prime Adam, instead of the man constantly feeling his pull.  Living in his shadow, somehow.

Often the answer comes in the form of “It’s impossible”.  Yet, there are so many people in the world achieving the Earth Prime versions of themselves, or at least their own Earth Prime versions of themselves.  And some of them are going to incredible means to satisfy the pull their Earth Prime counterpart has on them.  If they can achieve their dreams, why can’t we?

If a man can become a woman, why can’t I achieve my dreams?

If a white woman can run a black organization as a black woman, why can’t I achieve my dreams?

If Donald Trump can be President, why can’t I achieve my dreams?

Okay, so the last one isn’t quite true, yet (and I honestly hope it never is), but seriously, people are doing some mighty amazing things to reach their own dreams.  Things that seem impossible.  All to reach the Earth Prime version of themselves.

Why aren’t you?

The answer is simple.  The only reason you can’t achieve your dreams is because you’re not trying hard enough.  I know that for a fact for myself.  I constantly give up.  I constantly fail myself under the assumption that my dreams are impossible.  I constantly stop trying.  But our dreams aren’t impossible.  They might be difficult to reach, but not impossible.

If you’re like me, you might spend a lot of time dwelling on historical choices that might have kept you from reaching Earth Prime You.  I think you’re already aware that’s not going to get you anywhere.  But the reasons above, as well as millions of examples more, show there really is no limit to what you can achieve.  You don’t need to spend your life wishing to be the Earth Prime You.  It’s already happened in some universe.  Why can’t it happen here too?

Figure out your dream.  Then figure out how to reach it.  And don’t stop.  I don’t care what people say.  I don’t care what your brain says.  It’s not time to give up.  It’s time to dig in.  Reach for the stars.  Be your dream. Don’t give up.

Be you.


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