The evolution of man

Hey everybody! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Life has been busy for yours truly.  But I haven’t forgotten about you!

Anyways, I wrote a little something that I thought I’d share. It’s rough, it’s just a test of concept, it’s more than a little experimental, and it’s completely first draft with absolutely no edits made on it. But I’m sharing it anyway.

Here it is :

Evolution of man


Man starts out life small.  Very small.  Microscopically small.

In fact, when Man first starts out, no one generally notices him. Which he’s pretty cool which.  He doesn’t have much going on, doesn’t have many ideas or plans for the future.  He’s just there.  Chilling and having a good old time.

Things change pretty quickly from there for Man.  Before he’s even a blip on the screen, he’s suddenly growing all sorts of new body parts, and quickly gains a sort of sentience that causes him to be aware that there’s a heckuva lot more going on in the world that just around his simple little swimming pool.

There are noises.  Lights.  And all sorts of cool, amazing sensations like bouncing.  Life is pretty darn awesome.  Even if it feels a little lonely at times.  But it’s safe.  In fact, it’s so safe, Man hasn’t even gained a concept that anything could ever go wrong.  Life seems pretty damned cozy for our little Man.

But then things change.

Change is something that’s generally fairly constant for Man.  From day one to the last, things are always changing, even though Man might not always be aware of it.

The change that happens here, however, is not something that could easily go unnoticed.  It’s epic.  It’s life-changing.  It’s Man’s introduction to the world!

That’s right, suddenly Man is expelled from his warm womb into the hard cold world.  And how is he greeted?  With being made to cry.  Yep.  If Man doesn’t come into this world crying already, his betters are damned sure to make him.

This concept is one that will not be foreign to Man as he continues to evolve.  Although Man may adapt and learn to hide his tears, life will, time and again, give him a hard smack on the bottom to cause him to show he’s still alive.

Because that’s what those tears really mean, right?  That he’s alive.

But this is a dangerous time for Man.  He’s weak.  He’s vulnerable.  He’s fragile.  That’s why most Men, at least the lucky ones, are placed with Caretakers.  Larger beings who can provide for him during this period of evolvement.

Life takes a quick turn here for Man.  He goes from a comfy body-temperature pool where he is constantly connected to his lifeline where he doesn’t even need to wake to be fed, to one where everything is a struggle.  He needs sleep.  He needs food.  Where previously his awareness of any stimuli was minimal, now he is inundated with it.  Hugs, kisses, goo-goo noises, and a whole host of different ways to amuse himself that it’s no wonder that sometimes there can be too much and all Man can do to deal with it is scream.

And there’s also that whole mess with those special undergarments he’s forced to wear.

But Man is adaptable.  He evolves.  And before long, he’s gotten the routine down.  He’s so good at the routine that sometimes he has to remind his Caretakers that they may have forgotten a piece of it.

And as time continues, he learns that sometimes it might be necessary to just take those matters his Caretakers have forgotten into his own hands.  That is, of course, after he has evolved into a mobile being.  One of autonomy.  Of action.

Where previously Man led a life far removed from the world in which he lives, now Man has learned how to interact with it, how to manipulate it.  Man has, in his own mind at least, evolved into something god-like. No longer must he wait for his Caretakers to provide him with his needs.  He can provide for himself.

And this is when the ever-evolving Man is first introduced to a concept which will haunt him for the rest of his days.  Rules.

Man hates Rules.  By their very nature, Rules can only do one thing: Keep Man from evolving into his fullest potential.  So it’s no wonder than Man instinctually resorts to his oldest response to new stimuli.  He cries.  He cries to let the world, and his Caretakers, that he is alive.  That he is here.  And it works.

Where his tears had, at once point, served as a beckoning method for his Caretakers, Man suddenly learns that his declarations of life can also bend their will.  Man learns that he has a power.  A special power that can allow him to manipulate his situation.  To manipulate The Rules.

But this power doesn’t last long.  Man soon learns that the more he uses his newfound power, the less effective it appears to be.  Until the day where Man puts all of his energy into that very same power that seemed capable of moving mountains, only to find himself splayed out on the ground, covered in his own tears, and still not any closer to his goal.

And Man evolves again.  The evolution here is one of many points in which Man’s path may divert from one another, but in each and every situation it does one simple thing.  It causes Man to realize he’s not as powerful as he once thought.

In fact, the evolution of Man is filled with such moments.  Where Man starts out life feeling as though the world is nothing more than something placed there to amuse him, he learns throughout his many stages of evolution that the world expects something back from him.

Which is when Man is introduced to the two-sided coin that is Adolescence.

Adolescence is both wonderful and terrible.  The wonders of Adolescence seem to be more apparent to those who have already evolved past it, but they are there all the same.  The terribleness of it, however, is all too obvious to Man.  Now that he has evolved to a point where he can interact more directly with the world, those Rules seem to become even more demanding.  He sees his Caretakers do many things that he knows full well that he can do with ease, yet his Caretakers seem to want to keep him from reaching his full potential .  Whole areas of his living space are declared off-limits, although easily in reach. Many parts of the world, in fact, are simply prohibited from his involvement.  Items which he may have held only moments prior, with his Caretaker placing the item in his hand, are stated to be not for him to utilize.  The world is a place of contradictions for Adolescent Man.  Contradictions that are difficult for him to reconcile.  Contradictions which will cause him great trouble if he doesn’t quickly grasp them.

And so Adolescent Man learns something new.  Although he is powerful, the Rules can, and often will, strip him of such power.

And he will cry.  Often.  And although the Caretakers may attempt to console him, Man has again been changed.  He has evolved.

This evolution period can take some time.  It does not generally happen overnight, but when it does, Man will find himself a new creature.  Prepubescent Man.  Prepubescent Man is one who seems to have forgotten much about the previous evolutions.  His tears have brought about something that doesn’t seem to care.  He will dive headfirst into the things that interest him and gain as much power over it as he can.  Because here is where Man learns that the true power is knowledge.  His ability to interact with his fellow Man decreases at this point.  He’s learned that he is weak and will do anything he can to keep from appearing as such.

This is also when Man learns something new about his tears.  They have now become a weakness.  What was once his greatest power is now the thing which can most destroy any semblance of power he is able to produce.  So now although Man still continues to cry, he does so in secret, so as to keep from allowing his weakness to be known.

If there is one thing that Prepubescent Man needs more than anything, it is power.  And since he feels powerless, he retracts from the world, hiding within himself until he can find his way back on top.

And then something happens.  Man evolves yet again.  Yet this time we see an evolution unlike anything we’d seen before.  His voice changes, his body changes, he grows hair in previously unseen locations.  His body now produces new smells and he feels new emotions.  Man is born anew and all those previous uncertainties begin to melt away, bring Man into the new period known as Pubescent Man.

This Man bursts from his cocoon like a new Man, ready to use his new features to craft himself anew.  And the world itself seems to have changed for Pubescent Man as well.  He becomes aware of things he had never noticed before.  Particularly Woman.

Pubescent Man himself is a contradiction. His new awareness brings about new uncertainties.  Yet his changed features brings about new power as well.  Pubescent Man is constantly on the brink between attaining everything he wants and losing it.

One thing that seems to stand in the way most of all are his Caretakers and their Rules.  But Pubescent Man has learned from his previous incarnations.  The Rules, while seeming to have contained great power previously, appear to be only as strong as The Caretakers themselves.  And Pubescent Man has learned something in his newest evolution.  The Caretakers aren’t truly as powerful as they had once seemed.

This realization can, and often does, cause a rift between the Caretakers and Man.  This rift is necessary, although quite painful for both parties.  Man is at the most vulnerable period in his evolution here.  He has reached the point where he must find his power and use it before it is lost for good.  Because of this, he must push back his weakness, making sure his tears are no longer holding him back.  He must assert himself.

He must become Fully-Realized Man.

This process in the evolution is difficult and depending on how Pubescent Man makes his way through it, can cause great differences in his interaction with the world.  The period immediately preceding his evolution into Fully-Realized Man is the one which will determine his power for the rest of his incarnations.

But this evolution generally goes unnoticed.  Suddenly Fully-Realized Man is fully self-sufficient.  He no longer requires The Caretakers, or their Rules.  He provides for himself now.  He has finally attained precisely what he had been working toward since he was Adolescent Man….and he begins to wonder whether it’s as great as he had thought it would be.

Fully-Realized Man looks back on Adolescent Man and wonders why he would ever have wanted to evolve past that period. He idolizes that period within his own evolution and looks to find ways to return.  Many Fully-Realized Men will actually return to the Caretakers, hoping to gain back some version of the Adolescent Man that he has lost.

But ultimately, he can’t go back.  He has already evolved past that point.  And he wants to cry.

Yet he can’t.  He evolved past that weakness, although he’s now realized its power.  Fully-Realized Man has now become trapped in a whole new world of Rules, crafted by an entirely different group of Caretakers.  And now he has the added concern of Responsibility, leading him to feel even more powerless than ever before.

This causes Man to evolve yet again.  He is now Middle-Aged Man.  And Middle-Aged Man feels more powerless than any other version of Man.  Yet since he has evolved past any form of emotional outbursts, he is left feeling empty.  Yet, Middle-Aged Man has found a way to go back along his own timeline.  Here he returns to the routine of his origination.  Eat, Work, Sleep.  This becomes his life day in and day out.  Middle-Aged Man finds himself stuck within a loop.  Man is powerless. And most importantly, he has lost his sense of life.

After this loop has run its course enough times, Middle-Aged Man begins yet another transitionary period, one in which Man himself attempts to develop a new power.  This transitionary period is known as The Mid-Life Crisis.  Middle-Aged Man has found himself with a new power called Money.  And with this Money he had determined a method for traveling back along his own timeline and reentering a previous step in his own evolutionary chain.  Through a sudden burst of excitement and energy, Man uses Mid-Life Crisis as his new tears, his new method for declaring that he is alive, only to find that his plan is doomed to failure.

Once this transitionary period has finished, Man enters what, for most Men, may be their final evolution: Mr. Man.  This period is so named by Man’s sudden realization that he is now being referred to by other Men by new terms, generally involving the use of the preface Mr. or Sir.  Although Man might battle this change, he has attained a new form of power.  Wisdom.  He is able to look at the world from an outsider’s perspective, while still being able to interact with that same world.  He can now see the world for what it is: a testing ground.  This world which has hardened him time and again as he sought out power, now seems to hold little power over him.  He has learned how to manipulate his surroundings to allow himself to do what he wants.  He has found a way around The Rules, around The Caretakers, and around all those things which make him feel powerless, so that he can finally find his period of piece.  He may not have power, but he has his own corner of the world in which to assert himself.  For many Men, this occurs only within the confines of their own mind, causing many Men to pursue solitary pursuits.  But Man has come to terms with the world in which he lives.  And whether or not he likes it, he has finally come to terms with it.

And he’s learned to cry again.  Although generally not in the same way he once had.  This man has often shut himself off from showing his emotions publicly, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel them.

And they do give him power.  As well as weakness.


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