Book Review: Secret Origins by Michael C. Bailey

I got this book a while back as part of the Superbundle at  As I whittled my way through my book queue this summer, this was one that I somehow kept overlooking.  And I wish I hadn’t.  Although at first glance this book does come off as pretty standard YA fare, it’s much much more than that.

Bailey takes those basic ideas of what a teen would do, should they happen upon superpowers, and turns it into a real coming of age story, where the authority figures are the established superheroes and life lessons come from taking down supervillains with cool tech-manipulating powers.

But this ain’t no lofty tale of kids going through metaphorical puberty.  It’s a kick-ass book about some talented youngsters learning to work together as a team to show those old fogeys what for.

And at the heart of this first book in an on-going series, is a strong female figure who reads like a real live person who, you know, doesn’t always know what to do, but it still pretty darn capable of getting the job done when she needs to.  You know, like any high schooler.  But she just so happens to have to do this while dealing with the fact that some alien gave her superpowers.

This book is goofy, but serious at the same time.  And it’s seriously great.

Honestly, I can only believe that the rest of the series gets better.  Will have to move those books up in my reading queue a little higher…which means I should get to them sometime around 2018 :/

Seriously, pick up a copy.  Especially if you dig some superhero fantasy fun in your books.

Buy it now!


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