Minor updates

Hey folks, figured it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I found myself with a spare minute or two and thought I’d give you all some updates on the world of your favorite small time mogul.

As has been the case lately, there are very few notable updates in the realm of writing lately, which is something I’m incredibly sad to admit.  Life has been busy.  Between the new jobs and the schedule changes and, well, just a whole host of stuff that’s been going on, by the time I’m able to actually sit behind a keyboard and get down to business, my brain has already determined the day should be over.

While that is something I’m very disappointed to announce, some happy things have been happening, like The Legend of Buddy Hero spending a couple days as the number one superhero novel on Amazon. In connection to that, Rise of the Fat Mogul has seen its best sales since its release, meaning people must be digging the first book enough to keep reading the series.

I doubt I need to express to you how excited and surprised I am by this turn of events. These are, by far, my favorites of the books I’ve written, but tend to not get as great of a response from readers as most of the rest. It’s nice to see them get some limelight.

As I believe I mentioned on here before, I’m still slowly working on adapting The Long Chron into a screenplay. It’s actually going incredibly well when I get moving on it, but reference earlier discussion of what happens behind keyboards to understand why that still isn’t complete.

It’s been an odd transition this past year, going from daily writing, editing, and marketing, to barely being able to respond to emails. I’m working on getting a routine that brings some of that back soon.

On the personal front : I miss my family. Sure, I see them more right now than when I was a mailman, but for the first time in almost 7 years, I’m not at home all day, where my wife was just down the hallway. It’s been an adjustment for all of us, but one that will be positive in the long term.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The murder mystery I helped write for ECCT met oversold performances, something that I feel quite proud of. Of course, that could have been due, in part, to an angry parent posting to their Facebook page about how it was inappropriate for children (the regional dinner theater equivalent to a book burning?)

Needless to say, it’s been quite the eventful year already, and we’re only a quarter of the way through it.


Alright, I’ve overextended my time, gotta get back to work.

Have fun out there!


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