Fat Mogul vs. Boredom

After the year I’ve had these past twelve months (this week marks the one year mark since I left my old cushy work-at-home desk job and began an amazing adventure as a stay-at-home dad), I’ve had very few opportunities to use the word bored.  Heck, with a baby in tow pretty much 24/7, boredom was something that sounded like a blessing.  Then moving on to the post office, I was too exhausted to be bored.  I mean, I was exhausted being dad all the time, but sheesh!

I am now just a little over one week into my new cushy (not work at home, unfortunately) desk job, and I’m finding the adjustment to be rather…um…difficult.  You see, after 12 months of basically non-stop activity, my body is finding it hard to, you know, stop.

Heck, even when I was working from home, I had the tendency to walk around a lot, just because I’m not a big fan of sitting around for hours on end…but when you’re new and have no real excuses to escaping your desk often, the only real option is to keep that butt parked as much as possible.

Which means, in the not-yet-two months since I left the Post Office, looking as trim as I have in decades, I’m already beginning to notice the pudge come back in full form…something I’m in desperate need of attacking through a schedule adjustment that will allow for some real exercise.  Actually, on that point.  I get two breaks and a lunch.  Outside of eating lunch, I spent that time walking….still haven’t met my phone’s daily 10,000 step goal.  Something I’ve never had problems with attaining just by being me.

However, this is all a little off topic and probably sounds a little complain-y…which isn’t not.  Not exactly.  It’s actually a note regarding the human condition.  A note that hasn’t really gotten to the point where it focuses on the human condition.

You see, for the past few months, I’ve been noticing that at some point in the past few years, I started going to bed earlier and earlier.  As opposed to the 2am bedtimes of years past, my bedtime had become 10pm…that’s a huge difference.  No longer was I spending hours at my computer after everyone had gone to sleep, relishing the quiet time for a  few moments to get some work done.  Instead, I was out like a light, sometimes before my wife was.  This became even more true after I became a mailman.

Now?  It’s 4:21am and I’ve been up for 2 hours because I was awoken from sleep due to a car alarm going off outside my house, a noise that doesn’t actually carry well into my house, which means I was sleeping quite lightly (something I’m definitely not known for, ask my wife).

And I questioned why.  Until I realized that this has happened several times over the course of the past week.  Now, obviously a week is not long enough to really extract any trending data in order to come to any worthwhile conclusions, but I’m going to do it anyway, because I know something about myself.  I know that my brain, when waking up at 2:30, is waking up fully awake, filled to the brim with ideas and thoughts and whatnot…ready to go.

Even when I was at my last desk job, I had found a way to cure the boredom with little leaps into the creative realm…something that’s not possible while actually at my current job…which is okay.  But just as I’ve been coming to the realization that I need to start exercising my physical muscles again, based on a growing belly, I’m realizing that I need to start exercising my mental muscles…based on a few sleepless nights.

It’s amazing how the human body works.  To see how it adjusts to change, and how it still lets you know that it has its requirements (although we humans definitely have the ability to ignore those requirements and cause larger issues for ourselves).  I’m sitting here at way too early in the morning writing a blog post about how I’m sitting here at way too early in the morning, all because my brain is bored and needs to be let out for a walk (which this walk is about the equivalent of letting the brain out on a leash in the backyard).

This isn’t an announcement of any sort of new changes coming to the blog, or new decisions regarding new books.  I’ve still got some work to put into the stuff I’ve already written to try and get those books out to new readers.  But, I’m guessing you’ll probably see more of me on here once again…at least if my brain has any say in the matter.

I’m going to head back to bed to see if I can get a couple more hours of sleep before heading off to work.

Have fun out there!


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