Updates on the Mogul

Hey friends, family, and readers.  Just wanted to take a moment to give an update on how things are looking for the near future for yours truly.  As many of you are aware, 2016 has been a bit of a wild ride already, mostly occupationally speaking.  Things are getting to be a bit more stable, as I do have a job again and I start it on Monday, and it should allow for some great prospects in the future…even if the present is not quite what I had planned.  I’m actually quite excited for what this new job (which is a lot like my old job (and I really mean old)) could mean.

Which leads me to the stuff that you’re actually interested in, dear readers.  You see, I love writing, I really do.  I’ve missed putting out my daily updates on here and my daily word count quotas and all those other things that got lost due to my change in occupational status last March.  The creative process, although quite challenging for me, is honestly one of those things that keep me sane in a world that sometimes seems to be a little too nuts for me.

However, ever since I began attempting a career in the creative realm, I’ve been putting too much of a focus in making sure I produce content and not enough of a focus on actually finding avenues to sell that content.  I’ve got 6 books on the market right now (not counting the two anthologies that have pieces from me) and another book nearly complete and sitting on my hard drive, and I make almost no money off them.  Tis the world of the self-published author (as well as the traditionally published author, from all I’ve read and heard).  I’m not complaining, just setting the stage.

I think I’ve got some great stories.  In fact, I know I have some great stories, even if you want to discount them for the writing style I utilize.  But I’ve come to the realization that books might not be the best avenue for them to be enjoyed through.  Hence the reason I haven’t actually written anything since October.  I just haven’t seen how releasing my work into the world is worth the stress of preparing it for such.

But I love my stories, and I really want them to be enjoyed by more people than are currently able to enjoy them, based on how difficult it is to get books into people’s hands.  So, I’m working on some new plans, new strategies for the current stories I have written.  I’m in the process of adapting The Long Chron into a screenplay.  I’ve got some ideas for radio drama-style podcasts.  And a few other ideas which are so ridiculous that I don’t even want to mention them here.

I love writing, and I love the readers I have.  I absolutely adore knowing that people are out there digging the stuff I’ve been putting out and I have continued to put my focus in my books over these last 4 years because of all of you.  The idea of delaying completion of The Agora Files series alone causes me a bit of a personal dilemma (partially because I’m eager to see how the endgame I have planned actually plays out once put to the page).  But I also know that with the way things are currently, my focus will never be able to be strong enough on these projects because of how it is all just a side-project.  A hobby, to be completely honest.  And because of that, I know that I’m not putting out the quality of work that I truly wish to be.

So, for those of you anxiously awaiting to know about new book releases, this is my official announcement that there will be a delay.  I’m not entirely certain how long of a delay (especially because I still continue to go back and forth on this, and I’ve been simmering over this concept since October).  But new book projects are officially on hiatus.  At least until I get a better grasp of how I might be able to promote them effectively.

Also, I want to note that this is not a financially charged decision (although money would definitely motivate it to go in a different direction, depending on where that money came from).  This is a decision on how best to express my creativity where it’s actually being seen.  How best to actually do what I do.  I’ve tried a majority of the standard book promotion practices (outside of things like conventions, simply because I don’t have the time or resources to go off and do such things).  I’ve watched my very talented author friends do the same.  And time and again, I’ve found that the market is just so damned polluted right now that it’s difficult for anyone except the top authors to get any sort of recognition for their work.

And I don’t need accolades.  And this isn’t just for myself.  I want to find a method in which all authors who produce quality content can actually be found by readers.  I’ve read so many indie books over the past four years, and I’ve found that the best stuff right now seems to languish at the bottom of the pile, left to rot in obscurity.  And that’s disappointing.  In fact, it’s downright frightening, when you stop to think about how this relates to the book market in general.

Why do you think books are so unpopular right now?  Is it because of the plethora of other, simpler, entertainment options?  Possibly.  But I honestly believe the real reason is because it’s so damned hard to find something worth reading.

Now, all of that gets to be rather grandiose in scope, and I don’t, in any way, believe that I’ll be capable of changing the market in any such scale.  But I do hope to find more readers, more people looking to find something new, something unique, something truly wonderful that just so happens to not meet the standards of the folks on the top for whatever reason (more often than not due to genre than anything else).

So, I’m going to spend some time with my completed works, find ways to make them bigger, better, and stronger.  We do have the technology, after all…

With all that being said, this could all change tomorrow when I decide that I really want to see what happens next with Cyrus and Eve and The Geek 🙂

Alright, gotta get out and get some nice clothes for the new job.

Have fun out there!


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