Book Review: My Name is Not Alice by Angelika Rust

41jP8Szjg6L._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_(it’s been a bit since I’ve posted any book reviews….got a couple to catch up on in the next few weeks)

I love Angelika Rust, simply stated.  Just look at all the love I’ve given her books on this blog over the past couple years and it’s pretty obvious.  So, I’ll understand if you’ll ignore this post as yet another rant of love for her…but you shouldn’t ignore this post, or this book, because My Name is Not Alice is not your standard Rust book.

Sure, it’s a quirky look at a rather standard subject.  Sure, it’s got oddball characters being put into even further oddball situations.  Yes, it’s glorious prose will have you imagining things you never thought you’d imagine before (okay, yeah, that might be just a little over the top…I couldn’t think of a third thing to put in with my rather limited time set aside to write here).

But it’s different.

And in a fantastic way.

You know all those stories where a kid finds out that they are part of a grand tradition of magic and whatever?  Yeah, your Harry Potters, Star Wars’s, and (sheesh, my rule of three is failing me today!).  At a very simple glance, this would fall into that category.  Yet, the world of magic is wonderland, and the character in question is named Alice…although she seems to not want you to know that.

Well, this is where things quickly separate from the norm.  Because things aren’t easy in the world of Wonderland.  There aren’t happy stories to arise for these characters.  It seems that everywhere they look there is really only a great deal of trial and tribulation…although one of the central characters does come up with a rather unique weightloss technique.

Anyways, I really can’t do this book justice with just a few words in a review…it’s great, it’s fun, and it really deserves a read.  So do it already!

Buy it now!


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