Fat Mogul vs. 2016 (already!)

It’s only been a month since I posted my retrospective on 2015, but I’m already ready for 2016 to be done.

Or given a mulligan…

Or anything really, because the past month has been rough.

So, when I last posted, I mentioned how I was starting the job hunt.  During those ~30 days, I actually landed a job, the job I had been trying to get for about 4 years.  Quit my job as a mailman, spent a lot of time and money and effort getting a new office together to work my new job in, only to have it pulled out from under me due to a paperwork snafu.

In other words, I’m back on the job hunt again, but this time, unemployed.

I guess I shouldn’t say the past month has been all that rough.  I mean, to be fair, I spent the majority of it being quite excited about starting my new job and all the opportunities it would allow for me and my family.  It’s really only been the past week that’s been all that terrible as I’ve worked to try and figure out if there were any way past the issue, only to find out that the only option might be for my would-be boss to fight for me…but not really being able to know how to even convince him that he should, or could.

So, here I sit, again looking for jobs, while again hanging out at home with an infant, thinking of how far I’ve come from where I was a few months ago, only to be sitting right back exactly in the same spot (same office too, seeing as I hadn’t yet paid for the carpet in the new one and figure I should wait until I get some money rolling in again before doing so).

On the other side of the coin, I do have a story included in an anthology that’s coming out at some point this month (possibly as early as next week, from what I hear).  I’ve been working on ideas for a parenting blog, which involves some video work, which means I’ll be behind a camera again for the first time in almost a decade.

And…well, I’m actually not too bad off.  I mean, there are some things that are still up in the air as I work to try and scramble for employment, like my upcoming trip overseas, but it’s not terrible.

Just not as awesome as I had planned on it being.

Which ultimately sucks.

But at least I’ve got an infant to keep me from sitting still too long and gaining back all my pre-mailman weight.

Alright, back to the job hunt.

Have fun out there!


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